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About Us

Christine Deschemin - best hypnotherapist

Christine Deschemin

Christine Deschemin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong. She founded the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre. She is passionate about helping other people enhance their lives. Her quest for effective and proven methods for performance enhancement led her to the discovery of hypnosis. With a strong interest in peak performance, she has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome emotional and behavorial challenges and achieve success. As a former banker, she has experienced first-hand the stress and tension of everyday life. In addition, she holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

She is certified by the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc) in the U.S. and has received a diploma as a clinical hypnotherapist in France.

We are dedicated to making the benefits of hypnotherapy more readily available so that everyone can enjoy a better life. Our mission is to make the world healthier and happier and help address the mental health challenges of our times. There are many challenges and they affect people of every age group. With UpNow Hypnosis, you can finally partner with your mind and realign your beliefs and mindset with your goals.

Our vision has been to build a tool that enhances the quality of your life and adds more meaning to your longevity.

UpNow is your mental fitness ally


UpNow is your mental fitness ally

Use some daily mental hygiene to shed bad habits and adopt beneficial ones.

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Mental Fitness for Athletes

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, always competing, yet needing to achieve more?

Our audios can help you harness the growth mindset you need.

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Performance Training for High Achievers

Mental resilience and endurance is what differentiates the winners from the people who keep on training and still losing.

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Pain Management

Learn to manage pain with your own brain. No injection, no pills.

Research shows that hypnosis can alleviate pain.


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