Self Hypnosis Techniques

Self Hypnosis Techniques

Best self hypnosis techniques for easy self hypnosis

By listening for only 20 to 25 minutes a day to our self-hypnosis downloads, you can make long-lasting positive changes in your life. Here is how you can achieve the best results.

Commitment and Motivation for easy self hypnosis success

The most important ingredient for easy self hypnosis success is your commitment and motivation. Our self-hypnosis downloads benefits can be fully achieved if you listen to them daily for 28 days. We recommend that you listen to the audios at the same time every day, for instance just before you go to sleep, or just after you wake up.

Remember that you are doing it for you. With less than half an hour everyday, you can make radical changes and improve your life. The change starts with you making the time for the audio. Downloads provide you with the benefit of hypnosis at an affordable cost (compared to the cost of a series of sessions with a hypnotherapist), from your own home (no more lost time in public transportation or on the road).

The old adage “practice makes perfect” applies to hypnosis. The benefits of self-hypnosis are achieved through repetition, which makes the convenience of listening to our recordings very useful.

The best self hypnosis results are achieved by those who listen to the tape once every day for a month.

Once you are committed and motivated, you will be able to devise the best conditions for you to listen to our audios created using the best self hypnosis techniques.

When and how to listen

We recommend that you use headphones to fully enjoy the audios. Our stereo recordings help you stay focused despite distractions. You can listen to our audios anytime during the day. While most people prefer to listen to them every evening, there is no reason not to listen to the tape at another time during the day.

hypnosis audios download
hypnosis audios download

Find the right place for you to listen to the audios. It should be a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. The place should be free from distractions so that you can make the most of the audios. The best option for self-hypnosis success is to listen to the audios at the same time and in the same place.

Easy self hypnosis through complete relaxation

It is easier to enter a deeper state of relaxation if you make yourself comfortable.

You maximise your chances of getting into a deeper relaxation if you minimise all distractions. Here is what you can do to make the most of our audios.

Create a relaxing environment

  • Sit in a comfortable chair, or a recliner. You can lie down, but you are more likely to sleep if you do so. As a result, we recommend that you use a comfortable chair, armchair or recliner. Do not cross the legs or any other part of the body, make sure that the neck is in a comfortable position. Remember that you will stay in that position on average 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Make sure that the temperature suits you (depending on the climate you reside in, adjust the air-conditioner or the heater, put a blanket on you…)
  • Dim the lights if possible
  • if you enjoy some scents, you can diffuse them in your room

Eliminate distractions

Create a relaxing environment

  • Minimize sound distractions (switch off the phone, stay as far away as possible from your ring bell….)
  • Leave the pet outside of the room you will be using
  • Make sure that your kids, spouse, or whoever shares the same space as you stays out of the room where you will be listening to the downloads. Remember that it is your time. You can decide to enjoy the hypnotic state for the length of the audio or even longer, in which case you need to inform the people who live under the same roof to leave you alone during that auto

Self hypnosis is highly effective when you can listen to the audios and relax fully, free of distractions.

Focus on your hypnosis goal

If you focus on what you can gain instead of what you want to get away from, you are already one step ahead. The suggestions in the audio script will then be accepted more readily by the subconscious mind. A picture is worth a thousand words, you can therefore start imagining yourself having achieved the desired state. Make sure that you engage all the senses. And when the hypnosis audio starts, you just have to go with it.

Relax and Let go

Close your eyes

When you close the eyes, you get freer from the outside stimuli. It gets much easier to turn inward and focus on your goals. You might be temporarily distracted by some thoughts. Let them come and go.

Some people prefer to focus on a point in front of them until their mind is relaxed. They naturally close the eyes thereafter.

Tune in

When the eyes are closed, you can tune in, i.e. noticing the different sensations in the body, perceiving the sounds around you or coming from the body. When you tune in, you naturally pay attention to your breath.

Breathe in slowly

You can focus on the out breath and make it slow as possible. You will notice that the next inhalation is naturally slower than the previous one. Take in a few deep breaths.

Enjoy the relaxation

When the eyes are closed, you can tune in, i.e. noticing the different sensations in the body, perceiving the sounds around you or coming from the body. When you tune in, you naturally pay attention to your breath.

At that stage you just need to relax and go with the flow. As you listen to the audios, you gently follow the instructions and you let the relaxation deepen. Hypnosis is a natural state that you just need to allow. It does not feel very different from relaxation.

We want you to enjoy the time you spend listening to our downloads. The more you listen to the audios, the easier it becomes for you to relax and the quicker you can enter the hypnotic state. If you are having difficulty relaxing, just let the thoughts come and go, while listening to the audio and following its instructions. In that case, you will benefit doubly from a prolonged use of our programs.

Not only will you achieve changes in the desired part of your life, but you will also experience the advantages of relaxation, which allows the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system in your body for a healthier you. The first step to wellness and wellbeing is the absence of stress. We will be delighted to accompany you on this journey.

In short, self hypnosis is a skill that you practice regularly


Practice makes permanent.


Listen when you are alert and not when you are more likely to fall asleep.


You don’t make self-hypnosis happen, you let it happen.

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