Find Health and Happiness with Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Find Health and Happiness with Hypnosis Audio Downloads

Hypnosis mp3 Downloads for Health

We all know the physical and psychological results of fear and anxiety. From temporary symptoms such as rapid heart rate and panic to more long-term chronic ramifications, it is no secret that ongoing anxiety and worry can have profound effects on our ability to enjoy life, interact with others and remain vital and happy.

While medications can help to minimize some of the physical symptoms, it is also important to find solutions that can relieve the root causes. That is where hypnosis for health enters the picture. 

How Hypnosis Works

You may have heard of famous athletes and successful businesspeople who use visualizations and positive affirmations to set and achieve their impressive goals. In many respects, this is exactly what hypnosis involves. The best way to understand the hypnotic state is as that of enhanced relaxation and awareness that enables a person to focus intensely on a particular goal or image. Dr. David Spiegel, MD, medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University, suggests that hypnosis is the narrowing and focusing of attention similar to what a telephoto lens does when attached to a camera. This state can be attained with the help of a hypnotherapist or via hypnosis Mp3 audio. 

Hypnosis Audio Downloads for Happiness

Scientific Substantiation of Hypnosis

For years, researchers have set about studying and quantifying the benefits of hypnosis and the mechanisms at work. To that end, Dr. David Spiegel and his colleagues used functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify a group of 26 subjects who were found to be highly hypnotizable and contrasted them with a control group of 21 who were on the opposite end of the spectrum. The study showed three specific changes that occurred only in the brains of highly hypnotizable subjects when they were actually under hypnosis. These alterations suggest that the hypnotic state brings on enhanced concentration while dismissing other stimuli, an increased ability of the brain to control bodily functions and reactions and a dissociation between awareness and actions that allows a person to do things without self-consciousness. 

Hypnosis Audio Downloads for Health

Researchers also wanted to study how hypnosis for health might make a real difference for patients undergoing a painful and anxiety-provoking medical procedure. The Stanford University School of Medicines subjects were 44 children who needed a procedure involving insertion of a catheter into their bladders, injection of a dye and subsequent urination that had to occur while patients were awake. Half of the children received training in self-hypnosis designed to help them to focus their attention elsewhere during catheterization while still being able to follow instructions. The control group received standard treatments. Results suggested that the procedure length was reduced by an average of 15 minutes for the hypnotized subjects. In addition, neutral observers reported that the children who had been hypnotized seemed less distressed and afraid than did the control group. 


From Research to Personal Transformation

 Researchers continue to investigate and validate the benefits of hypnosis, including via hypnosis audio download. However, you can take advantage of its benefits today to relieve the fear, anxiety and chronic worry that can lead to discomforting and dangerous long-term physical and mental consequences. UpNow has carefully created hypnosis audio downloads crafted by certified hypnotherapists that are specially designed to help you use the power of your own mind to boost confidence and self-esteem and reduce and manage fear. Our hypnosis mp3 audio download options are affordable, easy to use and can be incorporated into even the busiest lifestyle.h. 

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