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I used this app to help me fall asleep and veggie I knew it I was washing up the next morning with rest and I truly needed it most nights I can't fall asleep and am up messing around in the phone or watching something or cleaning something but with the simple breathing trivk and calming affect if the voice I got the much needed rest. Thank you Up now I can't wait to try your other options. Truly impressed!

Taija Anderson

Incredible app. I have really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I could lay in bed for about four hours before falling asleep but with this app I fall asleep quickly and sleep great. Highly recommend this app to my friends and family.

Kane Taylor

What a great finding. This app makes self hypnosis a reality. I wish they can add a dark mode in this app. It will help us sleep more better. Generally I'm using it daily for sleeping. Thank you upnow app.

Scott Jill

Excellent app. Great sleep 😴 hypnosis sessions which is quite effective. I really loved it. Thanks upnow.

Manoj Manoj

What a amazing app. I love it. I use it every night for fall asleep fast. Very convenient and easy to use. I would highly recommend it ☺️

Aiden Malan

What a great app. I use this app every night (Drift off to sleep) and when traveling on planes (Overcome fear of flying). This app is a game-changer for me, and has worked nearly perfectly every time I've used it. I would highly recommend to my friends and colleagues 👍

Kim Jason

Absolutely I love this app. I have really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. But with this hypnosis app I fall asleep quickly. I would highly recommend this app to all my friends and colleagues.

Jack Carson

Wonderful app all of the free sessions have been invaluable most especially when money is so tight. Would have given 5 stars but disappointed to note that my favourite (sleep faster) and 3 others have been withdrawn from the free sessions.

Terry Beach

Great experience so far. I just tried a few free sessions and they worked very well. I'm highly impressed with its free downloads that helped me resolve my sleeping problems.

Emma taylor

Highly recommend this app, it's great for sleep and meditation. Helps a lot for calming a busy mind and after a long day at work. Really like all the different categories to choose from.

Kashish Sakhrani

Using this app from couple of weeks. I loved it, used the free ones for couple of days then bought some of them. I listen it at the time of sleep. I'm njoying my days.

Olivia smith

So far I enjoy the app, I listen to it frequently. Especially if I'm unable to sleep. Used too many app but found this app is great. I would highly recommend it.

Gary Simonds

Had my doubts initially but the Sleep Better audio made me feel very relaxed and soon after I was zzzzzzzzzzzz. Can't wait to listen to the others!

Gary Garcia

I love this app. Using it every night for asleep fast. I really enjoy this app audios. Highly recommended

Jos Archar

Wonderful app: UpNow has completely transformed my sleep, which has positively affected many other areas of my life, especially my work, with much deeper focus and concentration. Definitely recommended!

What a great app. This app is really helpful for anxiety relief. I can say that hypnosis techniques is best meditation for releasing stress and anxiety. I'm really thankful to this app. It helps me a lot. I would highly appreciate the team of upnow app. And definitely will recommend 👌to my friends and colleagues 😊.
Dwaine Van
What a great app. It's help me a lot to overcome my anxiety problem. Highly recommended to my friends and family.
Pet Hasselwood
I like the app. Now I used only two anxiety sessions that's very effective. Highly recommended
Stuart Banton
What a great hypnosis app. Overcome my anxiety and depression during exam time. Really wonderful app. I highly appreciate the team of upnow.
Joe Foakes
I have listened to your free hypnosis for anxiety and depression and it's just great.Better than any other app that i have used.Just great and awesome.I was more happier and motivated and my anxiety decreased very much . I was less anxious and was confident . My heartbeat was normal and breathing was calm.All thanks to your hypnosis
Vishal Mittal
I am a believer of hypnosis. I used UpNow for self-hypnosis mainly for relaxation and managing stress. I recommend UpNow to anyone who want to experience how hynopsis can help improve your life.
Gerald Ng
Absolutely brilliant app. So practical and very helpful. This app helps me cope destress, relax and getting rid of bad thoughts. Definitely I would highly recommended.
Adam Chris
What a amazing app. Great hypnosis sessions overloaded. Having stressed from last year, I found this app and used some free sessions which helps me a lot to overcome from this problem. Now I feel very comfortable and strong. Highly recommended
Subhan Saifi
I just finished my first session and it was very relaxing and I loved the imagery and wakeup at the end. This is an amazing app and going to use it regularly. Thanks the team of upnow.
Angela White
Amazing app. Having stress problem from last six months. I've tried many techniques to overcome from it, I did some reseaech and found upnow hypnosis app. Used only three stress relief hypnosis sessions and now I feel very comfortable and relaxed. Thanks upnow team.
Andrew Martin
Really Nice app . I like the pace of the downloads. They really help me relax much more than any other audios I have listened to. And they are effective. thank you.
Rosymary Gabriel
Nice app. I started using this app a month ago. I can see that Im more confident in my decision making and have less stress due to all self doubt I used to have. I am taking life one moment at a time. I highly recommend this app.
Adam Steve
Wonderful app. I have try two stress relief audios. Great help done by upnow.
Warner Glenn
The reason for my text to you was to say what a difference it has made to my confidence and self esteem. For the first time in years I have the confidence to stand my ground. My friend commented that I had found my "Mojo" after burying it for 40 years! It is good to be back to me. Christine, thank you for your help in this transition.
Terry Beach
It's amazing app. I feel relaxed and confidenc after listening some hypnosis sessions. Worth recommending to friends. Thanks UpNow team to making such an World's number one app.
Shaun Tait
This really transformed my self care routine. I feel more calm and in control of my life. You are what you think! Absolutely recommend.
Tara Marwah
After using some audios. I feel very confident. I would highly recommend.
Hadi Saifi
Wowwwww nice app. After using only two sessions I feel very confident. Highly recommended
Ali Murash
I'm very happy that I found this app. It is very useful and informative on my personal development journey. Really helpful sessions and very effective hypnosis audios. Definitely I would recommend upnow app to my friends and colleagues.
Marcus Carey
Good app. Great hypnosis audios 😀
Abhi Gill
My Go-To Self-Help Resource: I love this App and use it religiously. I’ve tried a lot of the meditation/self-help apps, but I hadn’t found one that really gave me what I was looking for. I was lead to this one from an article, and I’m so happy I gave it a shot. The audios have a really nice relaxing pace and make it easy to focus on what’s being said. I find myself able to act on the changes I’ve been wanting to make in my life and I’ve noticed a big change in my energy and daily mindset. It’s been such a great tool and I would HIGHLY recommend it.
Love this App: I am SO happy I found this app. I had no idea how effective this could really be. I swear by this app, especially when I’m needing to unwind. So much can be accomplished during the short twenty minutes you spend listing to the audio. I always end up feeling relaxed, but still have energy to continue my day in an overall better mentality.
Great App: This app has been a life changer for me. I was looking for a resource to help me through the challenges the pandemic has brought me, and this has been exactly what I needed. The audios are very easy to follow, and the voice is smooth and pleasant to listen to. It’s definitely worth the download, I recommend this to all of my friends and family.
Amazing experience so far. Very useful hypnosis audios to overcome depression. I wouod highly decommended this app.
Aron Finch
Great hypnosis downloads app! I was depressed since the last one year and used lots of hypnosis apps. However, some time back I found the UPNOW hypnosis app. I found this app lovely and easy to use, with a lot of free content to get you started. Now I have all downloads in one place. Also, the app functionality is great and it is completely user friendly. I would highly recommend this app to all my friends and colleagues.
Potter William
Finally a hypnosis app based on current science. 🙌 what you are telling your subconscious mind aka your literal computer like programming MATTERS. Make sure you are using an app that is taking that as serious as it is and be the best you. 🧠🏋‍♀️💜
Brianna Moore
Timothy Norman
Fantastic app. Great experience so far. I've used lots of app but this app is really wonderful. Very effective hypnosis audios. Definitely I'll recommend. Thanks upnow team.
Allen Horny
Amazing app. Very effective hypnosis sessions. Highly recommended
Atiyab Rehman
Love this app. Great hypnose sessions with a diverse offer. Very supportive team behind the scenes willing to help. I would defo recommend it, if your looking for 5* app for a small price. Worth every penny. 🙂
Monica Martins
Wonderful app. Easy to use and very helpful hypnosis audios.
Chris Carlos
Hugely helpful and so well presented.
Michael D
Very Helpful app. I recommended this app to my loved ones and believe me it just works wonder. 🙂
Swati Singh
Ultimate app. I used some free sessions and found it very helpful. Specialy this app is very fast and easy to use. Highly recommend.
Aaron Smith
Wow it's amazing app. I would highly recommend to my friends and family
Stoinis Cummins
Well done upnow. Great sessions very useful. Highly recommended
Finch David
Amazing app, it's very helpful..
Nadeem raien
Excellent xx
Michelle Sapstead
Excellent app. Great features and the audio quality are perfect. I definitely recommend it ☺️
Tom Denly
I love this app so much. I can see and utilize all hypnosis audio sessions quickly and easily. I highly recommended to my friends and family
Chris Leach
Great hypnosis app. Highly recommended
Arbab Zaheer
Just started using the app super excited to see what it has in store !!
April and Joe Volk
Aye Theingi Swe
Absolutely great app. 👍highly recommended
ms world
Absolutely fantastic app. Most effective hypnosis audios. Thanks upnow hypnosis app
Darren Mayers
So wonderful and calming.
Chris And Melanie Hoskins
Awesome app. Helpful hypnosis audios. Highly recommended
Azad Saifi
Awesome 👍
Christopher McConnaughey
Havent yet but need this tio work for me so...in an act of positive thinking I'm giving this app a preemptive 5 stars....if it's a disappointment I'll take stars away. You know you start with an A, you just have to keep it kinda deal...?
Kimberly Brown
I've had troubles until I found this app. Thanks for peace of mind again.
Chuck Mitchell III
Gorgeous app. I am really addicted to the app.
Koushik Roy
Very helpful
Luckey Pope
I was looking for something like this app. I can say one stop shop for usefull hypnosis audios. I like that it comes with a free set of important hypnosis sessions . It really helped me alot to improve my personality. Highly recommended 👍🏻
Bren Hudson
Tremendous: I have tried many apps and this one checked all the boxes. It is functional, looks nice, you can listen to some audios offline and the audios are very effective. The voice is so soothing. It helps me unwind much faster.
That Dude Sueño
Awesome hypnosis app. It's help me too much to reduce my pain. I would highly recommended to my friends and family.
Marcus Warner
Used few free sessions. Very helpful to my sargery recovery. Ultimate app I highly recommended to my friends and family
Sahil Abbasi
I've found UpNow to be a great way to relax and to let go of tension and pain. With so many audio tracks to choose from, you soon realise that more than one could be of benefit! The app is easy to use and the kind, hypnotic voice is consistent - strange at first, but something you soon get used to. Overall, I've quite enjoyed the experience, although would need to listen for longer and more regularly to be able to say that self-hypnosis is the best thing for me.
What a fantastic 👏 app. I'm using gym from last one year to reduce my weight. But not success in it. Then I start using weight loss hypnosis sessions. I'm really surprised only three sessions used so far and I loss two to three kgs weight. Really appreciated this app and definitely I'll recommend this app to my family and friends
Angela Wings
I loved this app. Amazing weight loss hypnosis sessions. I can say this is the result oriented app. Highly recommended.
Morgan Jimmy
Excellent app. I used healthy eating & stress eating free hypnosis audios. Very effective guided meditation/weight loss hypnosis. Highly recommend👍
Rodney Matt
Awesome app. It help to reduce my weight. I would highly recommend
Jofra Anderson
Excellent app. Used some weight loss sessions which is quite effective. Thanks and definitely will recommend this app to my gym friends 😊
Clark Dyson
A calming and relaxing app, this has helped me to cool down when I’m tensed. It’s useful as it provides for a great distraction and diverts my anger away.
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