Best Hypnosis Downloads App

Best Hypnosis Downloads App


self-hypnosis techniques

Everyone understands the importance of self - care. But life can be stressful, leaving us little time to really care for ourselves.

Most of the time, we know exactly what to improve but we are not sure how. Hypnosis downloads can become your best ally on your wellness journey.

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You can access our self-care tool anytime and anywhere and make positive changes. If you ever happen to go off the grid, you can still enjoy the relaxing effects of our hypnosis audio downloads because each hypnosis audio can be downloaded and accessed offline.

Self-Hypnosis audios vs IN-PERSON Hypnotherapy sessions



Since the 18th century, medical professionals have used hypnosis to treat many ailments.

Medical and psychological associations approve the use of hypnotherapy. With the advances in medical imaging technologies, we have started understanding how the brain works.

And many studies report positive effects of hypnosis on anxiety, depression, IBS, skin problems, child labour, pain management, the immune system and much more.

Self – hypnosis audio downloads bring a validated therapeutic tool closer to you because mental health should be a daily priority. You should not wait. Prevention is key when it comes to your wellbeing.

With daily practice, you can adopt effective coping mechanisms that will prove useful when you face challenges. As you increase your resilience, those around you also benefit from that strength.


First, you should only trust apps from a credentialled hypnotherapist. Certain apps fail to disclose who designed the audios. You would never try to buy a car from a person who normally makes bicycles.

Similarly, you would prefer an artisan who loves her trade to a production from an opaque source. Our lead hypnotherapist, Christine Deschemin, has received a hypnotherapy diploma from France and is certified by the NGH in the U.S. She also trained in NLP with Richard Bandler, among others.


All our hypnosis downloads are voiced by a professional hypnotherapist. Each audio is edited by professional sound engineers and accompanied by beautifully cr afted audios with binaural beats.


A yearly UpNow subscription costs a fraction of a session with a skilled hypnotherapist. And that does not even consider the transportation and the time costs.

UpNow is making the use of self-hypnosis mainstream because everyone deserves to feel good and become healthy.


A hypnosis audio app offers discretion as you can enjoy its benefits from home. You do not have to share personal anecdotes. Just put your headphone on and choose to engage with the process as your hypnotherapist guides you through relaxing steps.

Anyone can benefit from regular relaxation and become better at self hypnosis.


Self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring process that you experience many times during a day. But very few of us can leverage that state the same way that athletes do.

With just 20 to 25 minutes for 28 days, you can learn to make the most of that natural state by listening to suggestions tailored for each hypnosis audio.

If household names have used self-hypnosis to change their lives, imagine what you could achieve.

Self-hypnosis can offer an alternative to more invasive therapies. And self hypnosis downloads offer you the same advantages along with more control over both your health and schedule.

Gone are the excuses over missing or having to cancel an appointment.

Self-hypnosis also provides you with a great tool to enhance your performance. This relaxing form of therapy can help you overcome negative beliefs, improve your inner talk, and become more resourceful. Our best hypnosis downloads can help you renew your confidence and learn to focus intensely.

Join thousands of people who are getting slimmer with hypnotherapy.

With UpNow weight loss hypnosis app, you are a click away to your best self.

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