Enhancing Your Wellbeing through a Hypnosis App

Enhancing Your Wellbeing through a Hypnosis App

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Did you know that negative feelings correlate with negative health? Research shows that holding onto negative feelings such as anger, fear and frustration can cause chronic stress, causing or worsening certain health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, positive feelings, such as gratitude, joy and hope can build your inner sense of wellbeing. If you have been struggling to restore your positivity, it might be time to tap into the power of your mind with self hypnosis for health and wellbeing. 

A sense of wellbeing is generally defined as feeling positive, healthy and satisfied with your life. Western cultures, in particular, define wellbeing as having a certain inner peace and harmony. While wellbeing might not be easy to quantify, Gallup, a global-analytics firm based in Washington D.C., has come up with several distinct factors that play a role in our feelings of wellbeing, including:  

  • Emotional health 
  • Physical health 
  • Healthy behaviors 
  • Basic access to necessities 
  • Work environment 
  • Life evaluation 

While not all of these things are fully within your control, you can take steps to improve and enrich your sense of wellbeing. A self hypnosis app can keep you in the moment, fully engaged and connected with the people and things you find most fulfilling.  

What is Self Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing process that is used clinically to tackle tough issues, including:  

When using a self hypnosis app for wellbeing, you will remain awake and aware. Your subconscious becomes more open to suggestions, making it easier to adopt healthy new behaviors and adapt your thought processes as needed. While hypnosis has traditionally been used in clinical settings, a self hypnosis app makes it easy to access this beneficial therapy anytime you need it on your terms. You can use it at home or in your office whenever you have about 25 minutes of quiet time to tap into a little more positivity.  

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Transforming Your Health Through Hypnosis

Wellbeing and physical health are closely connected. While you might not have complete control over all aspects of your health, you can take steps to feel better by managing controllable risk factors. Self hypnosis for health and wellbeing can be a big part of that. 

Changing habits and behaviors can be tough. Our habits are often so deeply ingrained that we are not even aware we are engaging in them. We want to make healthy changes, but we find ourselves slipping back into comfortable routines. A self hypnosis app gives you the tools to tap into your subconscious and break free of the unconscious conditioning that leads you back into those unhealthy patterns.  

Work on one issue at a time, and focus on the health benefits of each change you make. Note the progress you make, and you will become more excited about initiating even more healthy changes in your life. 

Transforming Your Mindset with Hypnosis

Happiness is often said to be a state of mind. Once your physical needs are met, your mind plays a major role in how happy you feel. A self hypnosis app for wellbeing can help you identify unhelpful thought patterns and reframe negative experiences. For example, instead of seeing a past struggle as a failure, you can learn to see it instead as a learning experience or an opportunity for growth.  

Our self hypnosis app for wellbeing can transform your mind into your best self-care ally. Each small change you make will evolve into something more. You can work through the root causes of unhappiness and poor physical or mental health while rooting out negativity and striving for greater overall wellbeing.  

At UpNow, we help you develop healthy, grounding habits that work for you and fine-tune your subconscious through our hypnosis app. Visit our site today to explore our apps for self hypnosis for health and wellbeing and get started on your healing journey. 

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