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To say that the workplace environment has changed drastically over the years is an understatement. Faced with rapid changes inside and outside the workplace, employees are more vulnerable to burnout, stress, lacking motivation and even suffering from more severe mental health illnesses such as depression. No longer satisfied with a 9-5 job or a salary, employees want a career that help them develop and stay happy. In short, they need to regain that renewed edge and feel up now.

Focusing on your employee’s mental health is focusing on the future of the company!

You can now help your employees enjoy a renewed edge and feel up now. You can retain more talents and become the envy of your competition by creating a happier and healthier workplace with our holistic mental health and wellness programs.

Because Happy Employees are the backbone of every successful company!

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As the premier hypnosis and hypnotherapy center in Hong Kong and developer of the globally popular and effective self-hypnosis app, we have helped thousands of clients elevate their mood and become more productive.

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Our aim is to be your workplace partner when it comes to your employee’s mental health and wellbeing. We have worked with thousands of individuals and helped many companies enhance their employees’ morale, performance, productivity and overall mental health and well-being.

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Corporate Confidence

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How We Do It

We offer a fully tailored and customized solution to all our clients as we believe that there should not be a one-shoe-fits-all approach when it comes to your employee’s mental health and happiness! We will work closely with you to determine your goals and isolate the issues if any. Then we will develop a framework to ensure your goals are met.

Your employees will be able to learn lifelong skills that they can utilize in all facets of their lives like:

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    What We Do

    We use science-backed hypnotherapy designed to enhance concentration, minimise distractions, and heighten the responsiveness to suggestions. Medical and psychology professionals have embraced its use

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Many clients trust us. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

      Yes. Each employee will have access to the app and can listen to self-hypnosis audios on their own regardless of their working arrangement.

      The mechanisms that create stress and exacerbate mental health issues are the same across all ages. Our programs were designed to fit all genders and ages.

      Balance is the bedrock of performance. It facilitates better relationships. By helping the employees develop more resilience and achieve more balance, the UpNow app can help them make the most of their potential.

      We are here to help. We will help you communicate with your employees during the onboarding phase. We will provide you with all the material you need so that they can #feelUpNow with the UpNow app.

      Results can vary. Some will feel the benefits from the very first session while others will need more sessions. Wherever you are on this journey, it is important to note that this is a treatment and you need to listen to the same audio consistently once a day for at least 28 days. Repetition is paramount.

      Our audios are currently in English. We will keep you posted about releases in other languages

      Transform Your Workplace

      Get your employees feeling happier and healthier. In fact, your team will enjoy an elevated mood and build resilience skills. As a result, you can notice changes in your teams:

      Their wellbeing will translate into a better promoter score and your employees can become your ambassadors. Join the many successful clients we supported. If you want to be the envy of the competition and care for your team, leave us your details and we will gladly give you a call!

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