Overcoming Pain with Hypnosis for Pain Management

Overcoming Pain with Hypnosis for Pain Management

Pain might well be considered a public health crisis. Chronic pain is widespread and often underdiagnosed and undertreated. According to estimates, about 20 percent of adults around the world suffer from pain, and more are diagnosed every year. Unfortunately, few effective solutions exist, which means that people continue to suffer unnecessarily. Managing and overcoming pain is possible with hypnosis for pain management.

The Facts about Pain

Pain is a normal part of the body’s natural defense system. You experience pain when special nerves called nociceptors spot damage. They send electrical impulses to let the brain know there is a problem, and your brain immediately steps in with a reflexive action to prevent further damage. For example, if you touch a hot stove, you pull your hand back before you burn your hand severely. There is no conscious thought to the process: It happens so fast that you are not even aware until it happens.

Each person’s experience of pain is as individual as they are thanks to the brain’s interpretation of the pain signals, the efficiency of its communication channels, and the effectiveness of the release of natural pain-killing hormones, such as dopamine. In other words, what might be a mild annoyance to one person could be nearly unbearable to another.

Pain relief hypnosis can affect your response, too. When you use hypnosis, you can adjust the way your brain responds to your body’s messages and essentially short-circuit some of these messages. With UpNow’s self-hypnosis audios to manage pain, you can enjoy powerful pain relief both immediately and in the long-term.

The Toll of Pain

Pain can occur acutely as a result of an injury, illness, or surgery, or it can be chronic. Chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain and can range from mild to severe and may occur periodically or continuously. It may occur intermittently or continuously.

Common types of chronic pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Migraine disorder, cluster headaches, and tension headaches
  • Neuralgia, neuropathy, and other nerve pain

Chronic pain costs billions of dollars each year in lost wages, missed workdays, and treatment costs, and for the millions who suffer, there is a great burden as family relationships suffer, and quality of life decreases. Self-hypnosis for chronic pain holds the promise of relief.

The Problem with Pain

While pain is meant to protect us from further harm, it can become so pervasive that it can keep us from working and living normally. Our pain can seep into each aspect of our life, interfering with relationships, leisure activities, and relaxation. You might even find you have difficulty sleeping. Over time, you may notice that you are not only dealing with pain but also a lack of sleep, depression, and irritability. There is hope. When you use hypnosis for pain management, you can break the cycle, free yourself from the burden of pain, and enjoy your life once again.

Doctors have a few options when it comes to treating pain. Typically, they might begin by recommending either over-the-counter or prescription medications. They may also suggest physical therapy. Unfortunately for many, these pain management options are often inadequate, and your quality of life and function continue to suffer in the wake of your pain. Pain relief hypnosis is a tool that enables you to take control of your pain. With UpNow’s pain relief hypnosis app, you are empowered to move forward into a stronger, healthier new life.

Chronic pain’s tendrils stretch far beyond its effects on your nerves, body, and brain. While studies on its long-term effects on chronic pain patients’ lives have been done, the few that are available show that chronic pain can affect every aspect, including our families, social activities, hobbies, work-life, and physical activities. The intensity and duration of pain have a strong correlation with disability, and half of those with non-oncological pain suffer from some degree of physical deterioration. Some pain patients suffer limitations in their daily lives, even in such everyday activities as sitting down or standing up.

If you are suffering from pain, it is time to take back your power through self-hypnosis audios to manage pain. With hypnosis for pain management, what could you accomplish?

self-hypnosis for pain management

Using Hypnosis for Pain Management

Self-hypnosis for chronic pain is a powerful therapeutic technique that gives you more control over both your mind and your body. In a study at the University of Utah Hospital, patients completed a single session of hypnosis and other mind-body therapies. Each of the therapies, which included mindfulness and pain coping techniques as well as hypnosis for pain, offered some reduction in anxiety. However, those who completed pain relief hypnosis experienced a nearly 30 percent reduction in their levels of pain and needed fewer opioid medications as well.

A randomized trial found that hypnosis for pain can offer significant relief from pain not just in the short-term but for months and may be more effective than other treatments, such as physical therapy. About half of study participants who used hypnosis for pain experienced clinically significant pain reductions and enjoyed continued relief for at least six months after treatment. Pain relief hypnosis also offers additional benefits for pain’s unwanted cousins, such as lack of sleep and anxiety, bringing practitioners relaxation, improved sleep, and peace of mind.

If you have ever been so engrossed in a task or hobby that you lost track of time, you have already experienced a form of hypnosis. UpNow’s pain relief hypnosis app works on a subconscious level, giving you new tools to manage not just your experience of pain but also the way your brain reacts to it.

With our self-hypnosis audios to manage pain, you can learn to reframe your experience. For example, women using hypnosis for birth can see their contractions not as painful but as tightening waves pushing their babies into the world. When you change your focus and reframe the pain, you can see it and feel it in a new light. You can also use self-hypnosis for chronic pain to essentially numb and alter the pain.

As the studies demonstrate, hypnosis for pain can be as powerful as an analgesic pain reliever. You can use our pain relief hypnosis app to numb the pain or even dissociate from it, separating your mind from your body and visualizing the pain as distinct from you.

UpNow's Self-Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

Pain relief hypnosis techniques can take time and practice to learn, but they can bring you real relief. With self-hypnosis audios from UpNow.com, the power of healing and wellbeing is in your hands. You can use our self-hypnosis audios to manage pain whenever you need them. If you are in pain or you feel a flare beginning, you can use self-hypnosis for chronic pain to short-circuit the discomfort and stop it in its tracks.

Our pain relief hypnosis app can help you get back to your life with less pain and fewer interruptions to your routine. Visit UpNow.com today to learn more about using self-hypnosis audios to manage pain or to download our pain relief hypnosis app.

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