How Hypnosis Can Help You With Pain Relief

How Hypnosis Can Help You With Pain Relief

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Hypnosis is actually a powerful therapeutic tool for dealing with a number of different psychological and physical issues, including anxiety, stage fright and various kinds of pain.

Many people first hear about hypnosis as a stage trick. However, this popular idea of hypnosis is misleading.In the 19th century, prior to the widespread use of anesthesia, hypnosis was used to perform surgery.  

Many studies have examined the effect of hypnosis for pain relief and found it to be effective for both acute and chronic pain. You can use a hypnosis audio download for pain relief to manage your pain as well.  

Hypnosis for Acute Pain

Hypnosis has been used for the treatment of acute pain in or during childbirth, cancer and more. In 2004, a systematic review of research of the use of hypnosis for pain relief and women in labor found hypnosis to be effective. Overall, women needed fewer drugs for pain and reported less pain if they used hypnosis. In 2009, a small study of six women trained to use self-hypnosis for labor came to similar conclusions.  

Another study looked at the effects of hypnosis for people who were in pain as a result of traumatic injury. Those who used hypnosis for pain management needed less medication. This study used virtual reality to help people enter a state of focused awareness so that they would not have to rely on a therapist for hypnosis. In a similar manner, a hypnosis download for pain relief can allow you to turn to these techniques whenever you are suffering from acute pain.  

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Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

Hypnosis is not just effective against acute pain. It can also treat chronic pain. One review of studies that examined the effects of hypnosis on chronic pain found that pain reduction was substantial and in some cases was more effective than physical therapy. In most of the studies, people were taught self-hypnosis techniques similar to those you would use with a hypnosis audio download for pain relief. Whether your chronic pain is the result of an injury, fibromyalgia, arthritis or another condition, hypnosis can help you feel better. 

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Why Does it Matter?

Pain can be difficult to control. While there are medications can help, many of them have unpleasant side effects. Some can even lead to addiction. Medication can also be expensive, and in some cases, it is simply not as effective as it needs to be to keep you comfortable. Using a hypnosis download for pain relief puts you in control. Unlike medication, which can only be taken at certain times, hypnosis for pain relief can be used as often as needed.  

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A hypnosis audio download for pain relief generally works by helping you enter a state in which you are better able to accept suggestions, including the suggestion that the pain is decreasing. You might also combine visualizations with the hypnosis. For example, while in a state of focused awareness, you might picture a calming environment that you associate with being pain-free. Later, you may be able to think about this environment and keep your pain under control even when you are not in a state of self-hypnosis.  

The ability to use a hypnosis download for pain relief can be life-changing. For more information on how it might help you, contact us at 

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