What is Self-Hypnosis

What is Self-Hypnosis

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sHypnosis is a naturally occurring state of awareness. That states achieves the “bypass of the critical factor” and as a result enables you to make changes to the self-defeating behaviours and self-limiting beliefs, bringing you then to your desired target state (sleeping better, becoming slimmer, and managing pain more easily for instance).

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that you have already experienced many times.

Can you remember the last time when you had been driving and you were focused on the next meeting, appointment, or item to complete?

You might have wondered whether you had missed the exit you wanted to take because it felt like you had been driving for a long time. In most cases, you had not reached the desired exit and you had just experienced time distortion. Another example is even more pervasive: you are sitting in front of the television set or you are reading a book. You might be so engrossed in whatever you are looking at that you do not notice how quickly time elapses.

You might even experience physiological changes: some movies might make you cry or feel terror even though you know that it is pure fiction. Thoughts affect the body, and therefore your behaviour and your actions. Hypnosis leverages the mind/body connection to help you achieve greater wellbeing and increase your performance.

The power of suggestions

A typical approach of hypnotherapy is for the hypnotist to deliver verbal suggestions that are tailored to the needs of the client.

The suggestions that are mostly used in our hypnosis audios are mostly verbal. Our certified hypnotherapist has crafted the right positive suggestions for the benefit of our members.

When you purchase a download from us, you are guaranteed to listen to an audio using the latest advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

Misconceptions around hypnosis

Chances are that you have seen stage hypnosis shows or movies paint a very biased view of that therapeutic technique. Shows and movies have one purchase:

increase its revenues by reaching out to as many viewers as possible. Few people understands hypnosis. Therefore it makes for a great ingredient in a plot or show.

There is increasing research on hypnotherapy that proves the efficacy of hypnotherapy for many ailments. We are happy to see that much research because it lifts the profession and brings evidence to the table.

Let’s clear the most important misunderstandings

Hypnosis is safe.

The increased relaxation, the adoption of new and useful behaviours can increase your wellbeing and help you stay away from drugs

You will not fall asleep.

Unfortunately, many still mistake the deep state of relaxation for sleep. That is exactly what happened in 1841 when Dr Braid invented a word to describe the state he was observing.

He took the Greek word for sleep (“hypnos”) and coined the word “hypnosis”. He tried to change the name but it was too late.

You will not lose control.

People who go on stage are compliant with the hypnotist (otherwise they will not go on stage).

Hypnotherapy helps you achieve a state of focused awareness.

What does hypnosis feel like?

In our audios, we will help you relax so that you can reach a state of hypnotic trance. Please note that you can be in that state without being relaxed. But relaxing the body can help the mind relax.

There is no such feeling of “being hypnotised”. If you remember the previous examples of hypnosis that occur on a regular basis, when you read a book, or watch a movie, you do not feel anything special.

What hypnotherapy cannot do

While we believe in the many benefits of hypnosis, we stay away from outlandish claims that are not evidenced-based. This technique cannot change your physical attributes. It cannot help you grow a limb or change the colours of your eyes.

The art of using hypnotherapy

Find a 30-minute time slot when you can be relaxed. The environment should be quiet and free of distractions. We recommend that you switch off the phone, put headphones on and listen to our audios.

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis happens when you induce the state of hypnosis yourself. Because hypnotherapists and hypnotists guide their client into that state, you could argue that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When we use the word self hypnosis, we mean the state achieved without a hypnotherapist.

While you can benefit greatly from hypnotherapists sessions, self hypnosis helps you achieve the same results, for a fraction of the cost, and from the comfort of your own home.

We are leveraging our extensive hypnotherapy experience to help you feel better and improve from wherever you happen to be.

Our self-guided hypnotherapy audios are designed exactly like a one-to-one session would be. Some hypnotherapist would use pre-recorded audios during sessions with clients. We offer professionally scripted and mixed audios that can be used anytime, anywhere as much as you want at a much more affordable amount.

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