Reclaim Your Life by Reducing Chronic Pain with Self Hypnotherapy

Reclaim Your Life by Reducing Chronic Pain with Self Hypnotherapy

self hypnosis for chronic pain

The weight of a burden is not truly felt until you lay it down, and the same can be said of chronic pain. With every day that you suffer the ongoing effects of headaches, back aches, fibromyalgia and other conditions, they sap a little more of your energy. Pharmaceutical analgesics can be habit-forming, expensive and are often ineffectual against many of these long-lasting conditions. In recent years as the focus has shifted toward more holistic forms of treatment, health care professionals of all kinds are becoming open to options that were previously dismissed out of hand. As a result, self hypnotherapy for chronic pain is rapidly becoming a popular and respected alternative.

The Hypnosis Advantage

Anyone who has concentrated on a task so single-mindedly that they lose track of time has actually experienced hypnosis. Contrary to folklore, hypnosis is a heightened focus and awareness brought on via deep relaxation that enables a person to incorporate positive suggestions, imagery or affirmations into their subconscious mind. Hypnosis, including self hypnotherapy for chronic pain, provides people of all ages with an easy, affordable and effective way to work toward achieving their goals.

Will a Self Hypnotherapy Download for Chronic Pain Work for Me?

Researchers have studied the effects of hypnosis on chronic pain. The results are encouraging. In one study, 40 women with myofascial pain were divided into three groups. Fifteen subjects received hypnotherapy; 15 were given a full-coverage occlusal appliance designed to fit over the maxillary arch, and 10 received minimal treatment consisting of education and advice. Patients’ subjective experiences of pain were found to have decreased significantly in the group who had been hypnotized but not in either of the other two categories.

In another study, 54 women with breast cancer were offered weekly group therapy sessions to help them conquer their pain as well as to deal with the stress related to their cancer diagnoses. A random sample out of this group also received self-hypnosis training to further assist with these goals. Both groups reported a significantly lower pain and suffering, but the subjects who had learned hypnosis techniques were most successful at controlling pain sensation.

In 2004, Elkins, et al conducted a study of 39 patients with advanced-stage bone cancer. Patients either received supportive attention or a weekly hypnosis intervention. During hypnosis, patients were given suggestions for relaxation, comfort, pain control, dissociation and tips for self-hypnosis. The hypnosis group was found to have a significant decrease in their pain levels.

hypnosis downloads for chronic pain

Learn More About Self Hypnotherapy Audio for Chronic Pain

As the above studies suggest, it is possible to achieve amazing results with a self hypnotherapy download for chronic pain. Even so, it is important to purchase your self hypnotherapy audio for chronic pain from a company that has consulted with certified hypnotherapists to craft the most effective, affordable and user friendly option available on the market today. UpNow’s mp3s are easy to download right from your phone, and it takes no more than 25 to 30 minutes each day to incorporate them into your self-care routine. Do not allow pain to drain your energy and steal your joy anymore.

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