Slimming Success through a Hypnosis Weight Loss App

Slimming Success through a Hypnosis Weight Loss App

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Obesity rates have tripled in the last four decades, and in 2016, four out of 10 adults over 18 were overweight while 13 percent were obese. Excess weight is generally caused by an imbalance between the calories we eat and the calories we burn.  

According to the World Health Organization, people are eating more energy-dense foods and leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, two major factors that are contributing to our ever-expanding waistbands.

A weight loss hypnosis app download can help you take control of your appetite and your energy levels and transition to a thinner you. 

Our Weight Loss Hypnosis App: Your Key to Weight Loss Success

Doctors have been using hypnosis since the 1700s, and it was officially endorsed by the British Medical Association in 1955. By 1958, the American Medical Association followed suit, and today, hypnosis is used by doctors and therapists around the world to treat and address a wide range of health issues, including weight loss.  

When using our best weight loss hypnosis app, you will be guided to a state of total relaxation. The conscious mind relaxes so deeply that the critical factor is bypassed, and the subconscious becomes more open to suggestion.  

Our weight loss hypnosis app download is designed to help you change negative habits and unhealthy behaviors and implement new and positive changes in your life. Research has shown that hypnosis is an effective option for weight loss for many people. Our weight loss hypnosis app can help you achieve weight loss success. 

Hypnosis Weight Loss App

Diet and Exercise Plus Hypnosis for Long Term Results

Conventional wisdom has long steered people who needed to lose weight towards diet and exercise. Lowering calorie intake can force your body to burn fat for fuel while exercising helps build muscle, increasing your resting metabolic rate. This combination is not known for fast results unless you cut calories severely, but it offers steady, reliable results. However, it is a notoriously tough combination because it relies on long-term habit changes. 

Each time we engage in a habit, whether that means snacking in front of the television after work or mindlessly munching during our lunch hour, we build a deeper groove in our brain. Trying to break these habits can be incredibly difficult because they rely on subconscious cues and rewards. 

Our weight loss hypnosis app works by helping untangle subconscious motivations and end those bad habits for good. During hypnosis, you can learn to associate good feelings with healthy foods and bad feelings with overeating. You can associate feeling sluggish when you are sedentary and feeling energetic and euphoric when you exercise. Creating strong, positive associations will make it easier for you to build new habits and stick with them. 

Research shows that hypnosis combined with diet and exercise may be more effective than diet and exercise alone. A controlled trial found that people with sleep apnea lost more weight when traditional weight loss methods were combined with hypnotherapy. Another study found similar results, following patients for up to two years, during which the patients continued to lose weight or maintain their weight loss goals. 

Our best weight loss hypnosis app is not a trick or a gimmick but can give you the edge you need. The right suggestions can help you focus on your health, a positive self-image and an active lifestyle. You can curb emotional, stress-related and binge-eating, and learn to love exercise again. Just 25 minutes a day will put you back in the driver’s seat of your subconscious. 

UpNow offers a selection of best weight loss hypnosis app downloads to get you started on your weight loss journey and help you achieve lasting weight loss success. Visit today to get your own weight loss hypnosis app download. 

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