How the Best Self Hypnosis App Can Fill the Mental Health Access Gap

How the Best Self Hypnosis App Can Fill the Mental Health Access Gap

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A recent study shows that nearly six in 10 Americans have either sought or wish to find mental health services for themselves or someone they love. At the same time, half of the people surveyed believe that options for receiving the help they need are limited. Barriers include high costs, insurance problems, long waits, lack of awareness and social stigma. 

As mental health professionals strive to reduce these disparities, there is already a scientifically proven, effective method that patients can use to reduce crippling fear and anxiety. Our self hypnosis app for iPhone can help patients to lessen fear and anxiety while boosting self-worth and esteem. 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a recent fad. In fact, its power has been recognized by medical professionals for centuries. During the U.S. Civil War in the 19th century, for example, military doctors hypnotized soldiers before they amputated injured limbs, finding it to be an effective pain reducer. There is nothing magical or mysterious about hypnosis or self hypnosis app for health benefits. Hypnosis is simply a state of heightened awareness and focus that is induced through relaxation and attention to positive mental imagery. While it can occur with the assistance of a hypnotherapist, you can also gain from its many benefits by using the best self hypnosis app. 

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Scientific Method Shows the Effectiveness of Hypnosis

Numerous modalities make claims that they can work miracles for patients, but it is important to move beyond the hype and use objective research to prove whether that method does what its adherents claim. To that end, scientists have focused on hypnosis to gauge its ability to treat various conditions. 

Anxiety can exacerbate physical symptoms and lead to its own set of additional problems. A study followed 60 adults who were looking for help with their anxiety symptoms into three groups. The control group received no treatment; the second listened to quiet classical music, and the third received hypnosis sessions featuring positive mental imagery and suggestions. Sessions for the groups that received a treatment were 30 minutes long and spanned a three-week period. Anxiety levels were assessed with the Willoughby Questionnaire. Compared to the control group, both the hypnosis group and the classical music group experienced a significant reduction in anxiety. However, the hypnotized subjects’ anxiety levels were lower, and the positive effects continued after six months. 

Depression is another common mental health issue that can drastically impact a person’s quality of life. Researchers wanted to learn if hypnosis could help. They randomly divided 84 patients with depression into two groups. One received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for 16 weeks while the other underwent hypnosis for that period of time. 

While both groups made improvements with therapy, the hypnotized patients made greater improvements as measured by standardized anxiety and depression inventories. 

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Using a Self Hypnosis App for Better Mental Health

Just how can you find a self hypnosis app that can give you the mental health support you need? There are times when it is impractical or impossible to access the help of a therapist for a mild to moderate mental health issue. In non-emergency cases such as this, downloading the best self hypnosis app can give you an impactful way to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to reduce anxiety, pain and fear. 

UpNow has enlisted the help of renowned hypnotherapists in creating a gold standard self hypnosis app that you can use in the discreet comfort of your own home. Packed with positive imagery and goal-directed suggestions, UpNow’s self hypnosis app for iPhone are available today right from your smartphone. Since they are affordable and easy to use, you can incorporate one or more of our self hypnosis app for health benefits into your daily health and well-being regimen without difficulty. Our self hypnosis app for health benefits is relaxing, fun, easy to use and affordable. Best of all, you will experience noticeable results with regular practice. Why not download one of our self hypnosis apps for iPhone today? 

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