Strengthening Immunity through Self Hypnosis

Strengthening Immunity through Self Hypnosis

self hypnossis for immunity

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus spreading across the globe, many people are researching ways they can keep their immune system operating at its best. The immune system defends the body against pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. A healthy lifestyle can help keep it operating in peak condition, but even the healthiest lifestyles can do with a little boost from time to time. UpNow’s self hypnosis download to boost immunity can give you the edge you need to stay strong in the face of serious threats to your wellness.

Immune System Basics

The immune system does not consist of a single cell or part but rather numerous cells, organs, and tissues. When we encounter a virus, bacterium, or another pathogen, the immune system mobilizes a response. One group of white blood cells called B lymphocytes secrete antibodies.

Antibodies latch onto the invaders. They do not destroy pathogens but rather mark it so that other parts of the immune system, called T-cells, can identify it later. T-cells have two jobs. Helper T-cells act as a dispatch team, coordinating the response. Killer T-cells attack the invaders and infected cells and destroy them. Our bodies do this intuitively, but with self hypnosis for a stronger immune system, you can take steps to strengthen and improve your immune response.

While our immune system is generally efficient and effective, it can become weakened as a result of:

Self hypnosis for a stronger immune system can give you tools to mitigate these risk factors and strengthen your body and health. With self hypnosis for immunity, you can take control of your wellness journey and empower yourself to make better choices.

Stress and Your Immune System

Chronic stress has been linked to numerous serious health issues. This is due to the nature of stress and its effects on our bodies. When you face a stressful event, your brain leaps into action immediately. The amygdala sends out a call for help to the hypothalamus, which sends signals through the nervous system to the rest of the body. The adrenal glands pump adrenaline into the bloodstream, which triggers numerous physiological changes, including:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood flow to the heart and muscles
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased breathing
  • Expanded airways
  • Increased oxygen flow to the brain
  • Heightened senses
  • Higher blood glucose levels for increased energy

After the threat is gone, your sympathetic nervous system is designed to activate a second component to halt the fight-or-flight response. Unfortunately for many of us, the “brake” fails, and our bodies stay in a state of chronic stress. The constant flood of adrenaline wreaks havoc on blood vessels and arteries, increases the risk of heart disease, and weakens your body’s immune system.

Self hypnosis for immunity can help you put the brakes on stress and calm your body’s response.

Stress has been associated with numerous health issues, and researchers are currently working to uncover its relationship with immune function. The body’s reaction to stress is designed to help us survive. Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic stress, it can ultimately hurt us. This is where self hypnosis audio to boost immunity comes into play. Self hypnosis for immunity can combat the damage of chronic stress and put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

If the fight-or-flight response is natural and automatic, can you protect yourself with self hypnosis for a stronger immune system?

UpNow’s self hypnosis audio to boost immunity helps recondition the stress response. With our self hypnosis for immunity, you can improve your resilience and combat inflammation. You can take control of your stress and improve your immune function.

In one pilot study, study participants had blood samples taken during a low-stress period. Half of them completed hypnotic relaxation training. The other half did not. The group then had a second set of blood samples taken during a high-stress period.

The group that used relaxation hypnosis had greater protection against stress than those who did not. More frequent hypnosis practices were associated with greater protection against the inflammatory activity. Study participants also reported fewer negative coping mechanisms, such as:

  • Perfectionism
  • Pessimistic thinking
  • Catastrophizing
  • Self-deprecation

Their eating habits also improved. This is important because our diet also plays a big role in our immune system. What we eat and how much we eat can affect how our bodies function and the way our immune systems respond when faced with a threat.

Can self hypnosis for a stronger immune system help you manage not just stress but also your weight?

self hypnossis downloads for immunity

Nutrition and the Power of UpNow's Self Hypnosis Download to Boost Immunity

A healthy diet nourishes not just our body and mind but also our frontline of defense against pathogens. The standard Western diet, or WD, tends to be high in empty calories and low in nutrition. The WD is known to be linked to obesity and other potentially serious health problems. However, it has also been linked with inflammation, which could interfere with proper immune function. In particular, diets high in fat and sugar trigger inflammation.

The good news is that self hypnosis for immunity can help you combat the cravings for unhealthy foods, too.

Cravings do not start in the stomach but rather in the mind. Several critical cognitive processes, including memory, inhibition, attention, and expectancy, are all involved in hunger cues. They can drive you to eat when you are not hungry, overeat, and eat foods despite negative consequences. A self hypnosis audio to boost immunity can disrupt these processes and help you take control of your cravings.

Through our self hypnosis for a stronger immune system, you can address the factors that are triggering your cravings.

You can untangle the motivations for overeating, reframe your cravings, and make negative associations with unhealthy foods and positive associations with healthy foods. Self hypnosis for immunity essentially retrains your brain to crave healthy foods and can lessen the urges to overeat. You will find yourself naturally controlling your food intake and expending less mental energy trying to stick to a healthy diet.

Self hypnosis for a stronger immune system might just be one of the most powerful tools we have for combatting unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Immunity and Our Emotions

Stress and lifestyle factors play major roles in the health of your immune system. However, other factors also affect it, such as your emotions. With self hypnosis audio to boost immunity, you can nurture yourself and keep your emotional health strong, too.

According to research, happy people have stronger social systems, are more productive, and enjoy better health. It is no surprise, then, that they also have stronger immune systems. Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Wisconsin found that dwelling on sad or frightening experiences could lower immune response while focusing on happy or joyful experiences could boost immune responses. This was similar to results by Italian and U.K. researchers who found that elderly people who were depressed had fewer disease-fighting white blood cells than happy elderly people. A self hypnosis audio to boost immunity works to strengthen and maintain your emotional health.

Researchers know that, for most of us, having our basic needs met is essential for a baseline of happiness. However, we also have other needs, such as socialization, respect, and trust. To be happy, most people need a balance of both their physical and emotional needs met.

Our self hypnosis download to boost immunity can give you the tools you need to create your happiness. With a self hypnosis audio to boost immunity, you can learn to reframe negative events, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and adjust your focus on things that bring meaning to your life. The research is clear that hypnosis, when used in conjunction with CBT, can help people with depression. Using a self hypnosis download to boost immunity might transform not just your physical health but also your emotional health.

Our self hypnosis for immunity is about more than boosting your mood temporarily. When you use our self hypnosis download to boost immunity, you can make the long-term changes you need to transform your outlook, your health, and your life.

Self Hypnosis for a Stronger Immune System

Using hypnosis for a stronger immune system is simple. You can listen whenever you have a few quiet moments to yourself to focus on your wellness. Our self hypnosis audio to boost immunity is easy to use and puts the power to transform your health in your hands.

With our self hypnosis download to boost immunity, you can begin your wellness journey with confidence. Visit today to learn more about our self hypnosis download to boost immunity or subscribe to our newsletter.

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