Self-hypnosis Can Bolster the Front Lines of Your Immune System Against Covid-19

Self-hypnosis Can Bolster the Front Lines of Your Immune System Against Covid-19

Self Hypnosis Audio to Boost Immunity

Numerous varieties of bacteria and viruses are relentlessly attempting to breach your defenses and gain a foothold in your body. The immune system is your best line of protection, working to recognize and effectively respond to the molecular patterns that viruses and bacteria release. A nonexistent or insufficient reaction to these signals results in infection and disease. Therefore, it makes sense to do all you can to bolster yourself with exercise, good nutrition, sufficient sleep and a self hypnosis audio to boost immunity.

The Link Between Anxiety and the Immune System

While failure to take care of the body with adequate rest and nourishment certainly can result in a reduction in the performance of your immune system, these are not the only culprits that can open the door to the common cold, influenza, the coronavirus and a wide variety of other debilitating and even potentially fatal conditions. In addition, increased levels of anxiety can have a profound effect on the system’s ability to fight infection and disease. In seminal studies on this subject, two Ohio State researchers looked at the immune responses of medical students over a ten-year period, focusing on the effects their three-day annual competency examinations had on their ability to fight infections and viruses. They found that the immunity of these men and women consistently went down after these ordeals, specifically the levels of the cells that battle viruses and cancerous tumors.

The Role of Hypnosis in Reducing Anxiety

The anxiety that can have such a profound effect on a person’s ability to fight disease and infection is sometimes treated with prescription medications. However, many people choose to try alternative strategies, either in conjunction with or instead of pharmacologicals. One of the most common and effective is hypnosis, which can be defined as a state of heightened focus and awareness. Either with the assistance of a hypnotherapist or via self-administered techniques, a person can concentrate on specific goals while simultaneously blocking out everyday distractions. The result is an increased ability to use the power of the subconscious mind in achieving balance, well-being, confidence and health.

Research supports these assertions. Over a 12-week period, Schoen and Nowack worked with 11 subjects who listened to a self-hypnosis program designed to reduce stress and improve their reactions to physical and emotional stressors. The effectiveness of the hypnosis was measured via self-reporting as well as through blood inflammation levels. Results supported that coping and resilience as well as the inflammation often associated with stress can be reduced by hypnosis. With these facts in mind, a compelling case can be made for the efficacy of using a self hypnosis download to boost immunity.

Try a Self Hypnosis Audio to Boost Immunity

Using self hypnosis for a stronger immune system is a technique that you can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules. The strategies you will learn can also be used in achieving many other types of life goals, including weight loss, self-esteem boosting and even smoking cessation. Moreover, it is affordable and easy to use self hypnosis for immunity.

How does it work? UpNow, in collaboration with a world-renowned hypnotherapist, has developed a self hypnosis download to boost immunity that you can access directly from both the Apple and Google Play stores. Our self hypnosis for immunity program will guide you through the steps of attaining maximum focus, relaxation and well-being as you put aside the distractions and worries of your life. In less than 30 minutes per day, you can harness the power of self hypnosis for a stronger immune system. In this age of fear and pandemic, you need to take advantage of every effective tool at your disposal. Start your journey toward immune system protection and healing today.

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