Boosting Immunity during Coronavirus with Self Hypnosis

Boosting Immunity during Coronavirus with Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads to Boost Immunity

Did you know that stress can take a heavy toll on your immune function? The body’s stress response developed to help keep us safe. Unfortunately, chronic stress can have the opposite effect. When stress is unrelenting and constant, it can prevent our bodies from calming down and returning to their natural, relaxed state. This can prevent our normal healthy immune responses and can leave you vulnerable to opportunistic infections and viral illnesses such as COVID-19. With UpNow’s self hypnosis download to boost immunity, you can take control of your stress and protect your health.

The Link between Stress and Immune Function

The mind and body are intimately connected, so it should come as no surprise that emotional and environmental stress can lead to illness. Still, the evidence is impressive: By 2004, researchers had gathered hundreds of studies linking stress to reduced immune function. After completing a meta-analysis, the researchers found that even a few weeks of chronic, low-level stress could wreak havoc on the immune system. The effects were even more profound in those with health issues, older people, and lonely. Worse, the effects lasted up to 18 months.

During the COVID pandemic, many of us are under extreme levels of stress, and that stress is exacerbated by mandated social distancing measures and the resulting loneliness. We need our immune systems operating at peak condition, but stress, isolation, and other factors could be compromising them.

Is our self hypnosis audio to boost immunity the answer?

Self hypnosis for immunity works to boost the immune system in several important ways.

First, it helps combat the toxic stress that is bogging your immune system down in the first place. Hypnosis is a natural state that is remarkably calming. As you focus your conscious mind, your body becomes deeply relaxed. The subconscious mind is more accessible and open to suggestions, which is ideal for developing healthier coping mechanisms. This helps combat the toxic stress that is dragging down your immune function in the first place.

However, that is not all that our self hypnosis audio to boost immunity does. According to research, hypnosis can transform your immune response. In a study on patients with chronic herpes (HSV-2), hypnosis helped reduce the number of outbreaks in study participants while also improving their moods and immune function and reducing their levels of anxiety and depression. Studies on students have shown that hypnosis can improve immune markers and lower viral infections.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Anxiety Relief, Self Hypnosis Audio to Boost Immunity

Taking Control through Self Hypnosis for Immunity

When the world feels out-of-control, hypnosis gives you tools that empower you and put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. By using self hypnosis for a stronger immune system, you can ease stress, erase anxieties, and combat depression. You can develop the healthier coping mechanisms you need to get through this difficult time.

Hypnosis gives you powerful tools to put an end to stress and stop bad habits while improving your immune function overall. It can help you manage the complexities you are facing during COVID-19 and beyond.

At UpNow, our self hypnosis download to boost immunity is designed to help you address your feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression and restore your sense of wellbeing. You can listen wherever you are and whenever you have a few minutes to spare. With regular use, you will feel your worries melting away. Visit to learn more about our self hypnosis for a stronger immune system or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and information.

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