Transforming your Life with Hypnosis Downloads for Stress and Anxiety

Transforming your Life with Hypnosis Downloads for Stress and Anxiety

Amazing app. Having stress problem from last six months. I’ve tried many techniques to overcome from it, I did some reseaech and found upnow hypnosis app. Used only three stress relief hypnosis sessions and now I feel very comfortable and relaxed. Thanks upnow team.

Andrew Martin

Wonderful app. I have try two stress relief audios. Great help done by upnow.

Warner Glenn

Stress seems to be a natural part of our modern world, but it is a biological function that has evolved with us to keep us safe. When we are exposed to certain types of stimuli, our bodies react with physiological changes, such as an increase in breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Blood and nutrients are sent to the muscles, and the brain prepares to optimize its functioning to focus solely on potential threats. While our bodies well-designed to manage stressful encounters, chronic stress can eventually take a heavy toll on us. Using a hypnosis app for stress relief can empower you to set down your stressful burden and breathe a little more freely.

How Well Do You Cope with Stress?

The body does not necessarily distinguish well between real and imagined threats. In other words, it responds similarly whether a taxi is careening down the road in your direction or you have a deadline fast approaching. In both scenarios, your body is likely to react with similar physical and emotional changes that prepare you to fight or flee.

During a stressful event, your glands send out a flood of hormones, triggering a chain reaction of physiological changes, such as faster breathing. One of these hormones is cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone.” Cortisol has several jobs, including a role in the part of the brain that stores and processes memory: the hippocampus.

Signs that you might not be coping well with the stress in your life include:

  • Emotional changes, such as anxiety, loneliness, feeling easily overwhelmed, or depression
  • Behavioral changes, such as changes in sleeping habits, substance misuse, changes in your eating habits, or procrastination
  • Cognitive changes, such as worry, an inability to focus, foggy thinking, negativity, or poor judgment
  • Physical changes, such as pain without an underlying cause, digestive issues, altered libido, or increased illnesses

UpNow’s self-hypnosis audio for stress can help you set down your stressful burden and breathe a little more freely. With our stress relief hypnosis app, you can learn to take control of the parts of your life that feel out-of-control, you can enjoy more restful sleep, you can calm your worries, and you can even ease your pain.

The Risks Associated with Stress

Chronic stress leads to an overproduction of cortisol, which erodes and impairs the brain’s ability to learn and remember information. It can cause you to withdraw from favorite activities and avoid other people. Worse, over time, it can shrink the prefrontal cortex and enlarge the amygdala, making you more sensitive to stress and essentially creating a cycle of stress that can be almost impossible to end. Our stress relief hypnosis app offers you a lifeline.

With our hypnosis app for stress relief, you can take control of the stress that is trapping you in an unhealthy cycle and causing you to withdraw from the people and things you love. What possibilities might your life hold if stress was not an issue? With our hypnosis downloads for stress and anxiety, you can leave your stress behind you.

You might notice the emotional symptoms of chronic stress first, but over time, stress can lead to inflammatory changes and potentially serious health risks.

Common long-term risks associated with chronic stress include:

  • Impaired immune function
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gastrointestinal complications
  • Altered endocrine function

When you become overwhelmed by chronic stress, it can become difficult to regain control on your own. The right hypnosis downloads for stress and anxiety can give you the coping skills you need to manage your stress and overcome the challenges in your life.

Negative Mindsets and Stress

You cannot necessarily end all sources of stress in your life. However, you can change the way you react to stressful events. When you use hypnosis for stress management, you can learn to stay calm and centered even when the world around you is in chaos.

Self-hypnosis audio for stress is a powerful tool for taking control of not just your natural stress response but also the way you see the events that bring you stress. When you feel anxious, worried, or stressed, our stress relief hypnosis app can help you reframe those thoughts and adopt a more positive point of view.

Because of the way stress changes brain function, it is often easy to slide into a negative mindset when you experience chronic stress.

Examples of negative thinking include:

  • Magnifying negative aspects of a situation
  • Personalizing negative events or self-blame
  • Catastrophizing or assuming the worst
  • Polarizing, which means seeing a situation as all good or all bad

Negativity such as this lives deep within the subconscious mind. We can make a conscious attempt to focus our attention in another direction but to completely reprogram the way your brain works, you need to address the subconscious directly. That is what a hypnosis app for stress relief does. Our hypnosis app for stress relief can help you uproot your negative mindset and replace it with more positive thinking and habits moving forward.

hypnosis audio for stress management

Managing Stress through Hypnosis for Stress

When you use hypnosis for stress management, your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious becomes more open to new ideas. UpNow’s hypnosis downloads for stress and anxiety use powerful suggestions to help you work through your negative mindset and release the thinking patterns that are keeping you in an unhealthy frame of mind. With our self-hypnosis audio for stress, you can learn to feel calmer and more empowered. You can reframe negative thoughts and find healthier, new ways to think about stressful issues or events simply by regularly using our self-hypnosis audio for stress.

Research shows that using hypnosis for stress is effective. One study showed that using hypnosis for stress management can alleviate the stress associated with surgery while another revealed that those who use hypnosis for stress can manage the symptoms of state anxiety more effectively. A review of several studies revealed that using hypnosis for stress management can help people not just manage but reduce their stress.

What can the right stress relief hypnosis app do for you? Our hypnosis app for stress relief is easy to use and can go everywhere you go. You can try hypnosis for stress at home or in the privacy of your office whenever you need it.

UpNow's Hypnosis Downloads for Stress and Anxiety

Stress can pull you into a whirlwind of negative emotions, an unhealthy mindset, and leave you spiraling out of control. Over time, it can leave you more vulnerable to a host of physical and emotional health issues. With UpNow’s self-hypnosis audio for stress, you can take control of the stress in your life and the way you react to it. You can become more empowered, more focused, and more centered. Through the power of hypnosis for stress, you can change the way you respond to the people and the world around you and develop a deep sense of calm and peace. Visit today to learn more about using hypnosis for stress management or to download our stress relief hypnosis app.


Stress comes from a perception of danger. The body experiences many changes such as fast breathing, increasing blood secretion, release of cortisol and redistribution of the blood flow to functions essential to the flee, fight, or freeze. Hypnosis has been used by many household names including athletes to deal with stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can help a person enjoy deeper physical relaxation and experience more calm.

Hypnotherapy can help relieve anxiety along a large spectrum. From generalized anxiety disorder to PTSD or performance anxiety before an exam or a competition, hypnosis can help you release negative thoughts. Many hospitals even use hypnosis to prepare the patient before surgery.

Hypnosis can help a person release stress. A hypnosis app concentrates the expertise of a hypnotherapist into targeted self-guided hypnotherapy sessions that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Stress that lingers for too long can have severe repercussions. With a hypnosis app, you can stay the course and access the help you need anytime you need it.

Hypnotherapy and meditation have different benefits and characteristics. First, hypnotherapy is more solution focused. Meditation is often about training awareness and attention while hypnosis is about focusing on a goal. Each one of our hypnotherapy audios has a clear goal. Second, people in hypnosis learn to focus more than people who meditate. Brain imaging showed that there are similarities and differences in how the brain work in both states. Meditation has been shown to increase focus, reduce stress, and promote calmness.  But hypnosis takes our natural ability to regain control over ourselves to the next level. You can reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, manage pain, alleviate IBS symptoms…

By promoting a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, self-hypnosis promotes a state of deep relaxation while helping you reframe negative thought patterns and reframe them into nourishing thoughts. You are already performing self-hypnosis on a regular basis. Learn how you can make the most of that state with the UpNow self-hypnosis app.

Yes, hypnotherapy is safe, non-invasive and can yield long-term results.

Some people are better at it than others. At UpNow we believe that everyone can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy. Some people might experience faster results than others.

Many techniques can help you reduce stress. Deep breathing, journaling, going for a walk or exercising can release stress. But you also need to address the root causes of the stress. Once you have reframed your negative thoughts into positive ones with UpNow self-hypnosis app, you might find that you must rely less on some coping mechanisms.

Hypnotherapy should not be used by people suffering from severe psychiatric disease such as schizophrenia or psychosis. These pathologies require supervision by a psychiatrist.

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