Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads: The Secret to Weight Loss Success?

Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads: The Secret to Weight Loss Success?

Self Hypnosis Audio Download MP3 for weight Loss

Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads: The Secret to Weight Loss Success?

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. In 2004, about 20 percent of men and 25 percent of women in Western countries are considered obese, and worldwide, that number reaches 315 million. In 2016, 650 million people were obese. From 1975 to 2016, the rate of obesity tripled. Unfortunately, losing weight is not always as simple as eating less and moving more. While many people can and do lose weight successfully every year, keeping it off can be a struggle, with about 40 percent of people regaining their lost weight quickly and 75 percent of people falling into a weight-loss-and-gain cycle. To lose weight and keep it off, you need to change more than your diet. You need to change your mindset. A self hypnosis download can help in five surprising ways.

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Self hypnosis helps you look within for motivation.

One of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss success is motivation. Whether you have a little weight to lose or a lot, it can be hard to break that down into manageable chunks, and you might find yourself giving up before you have even started. You might procrastinate, putting off the first day of your diet or just simply “fall off the bandwagon.” Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step towards dealing with it, and hypnosis can be a big help. With hypnosis, you can tackle your lack of motivation and keep yourself focused with your eyes on the prize from day one.

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A self hypnosis audio download can help you change your mindset.

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of your success comes down to “mind over matter.” If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or simply unable to achieve your goals, you are less likely to reach them. Self hypnosis mp3 downloads allow you to focus your subconscious on the root cause of your struggles so that you can overcome them. Each step forward takes you a little closer to your goals, and when it comes to losing weight, every pound lost counts!

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Self hypnosis mp3 downloads focus on the positive.

Many people start their weight loss journeys for negative reasons. They are unhappy with the way they look, or they lack confidence. They might have joint pain or other health problems associated with their excess weight. While these are important reasons to get control of a weight problem, they are also negative and can undermine your success. With our self hypnosis downloads, you can silence your inner critic and have a champion on your side, helping you focus on the positives and pushing you closer to success.

A self hypnosis mp3 can give you tools to manage your cravings.

When you are trying to manage your weight, the cravings can be powerful. Sugar and other hyper-palatable foods are considered addictive. Self hypnosis audio downloads can help you combat those cravings and move beyond them. One study found that hypnosis was so powerful that it could help people kick the cravings of drug and alcohol addictions by combating impulsive behavior and boosting their self-esteem. During a hypnosis session, you can also make negative associations with unhealthy foods, essentially turning those cravings off right at their source, much in the way hypnosis is used to end nicotine cravings.

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best hypnosis downloads online

Self hypnosis is the ultimate in versatility

Losing weight is nothing if not a transformation. As you shed extra pounds, your body changes, but so does your mind. Maintaining that slimmer figure means adapting to your new needs, and a self hypnosis download has the power to do that and more, including:

• Keeping you motivated
• Helping you stay focused on the changes you need to make
• Altering negative thinking patterns
• Boosting your confidence
• Helping you take responsibility for success

If you are still not convinced, it might be time to take a look at the research. A meta-analysis of 18 studies performed over the years revealed that study participants who used self hypnosis lost twice as much weight as those who did not. For some, that translated into lasting weight loss success.

Check out’s selection of weight loss hypnosis downloads today to find your ally on your weight loss journey.

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