Minimize Anxiety with Self Hypnosis Download for Medical Procedures

Minimize Anxiety with Self Hypnosis Download for Medical Procedures

UpNow self hypnosis download for medical procedures

Whether you are getting a root canal or going through a biopsy or cancer treatment, medical procedures can bring on intense experiences of fear and stress.

Increasingly, scientists are studying the effectiveness of hypnosis to reduce the severity of these reactions. Now that a self hypnosis audio download for medical stress is available to consumers, you might consider trying it out for yourself. 

What is Hypnosis?

You can think of hypnosis as a state of focused attention on a desired image or topic while simultaneously pushing distracting stimuli to the back of your mind. As a result, you are better able to accept positive suggestions given by a clinician or via a self hypnosis download for medical procedures. As a therapeutic technique, it has been used successfully to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as many patients experiencing physical and mental pain symptoms. 

Hypnosis and Anxiety

When someone is anxious, their excessive worry and fear prevents them from carrying out the everyday activities of life. Physically speaking, anxiety can lead to symptoms such as elevated heart rate and profuse sweating which then serve to convince the sufferer that their situation is dire and even more fear-provoking. Hypnosis can aid in breaking this destructive feedback loop by inducing relaxation and helping a person to realize that the symptoms they are feeling in their body are not necessarily related to the situation at hand. 

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Research Provides Positive Indications of the Effectiveness of hypnosis

Scientists have conducted throrough research into whether hypnotherapy really does work to relieve pain and anxiety symptoms. Montgomery et al conducted a randomized trial consisting of 200 patients who underwent excisional breast biopsy or lumpectomy procedures for breast cancer. Half of the patients were randomly assigned to a control group that received pre-surgery anesthesia plus empathic listening while the other half underwent a 15-minute relaxation and hypnosis session that suggested experiencing relaxation, peace and reduced pain and fatigue. The patients in the hypnosis group reported less pain, emotional upset, fatigue and nausea than the control group described, and they did not need as many pain-related medications. 

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In a 2006 Baylor University study, Elkins et all examined the effects of hypnosis on six patients, five men and one woman, who underwent a colonoscopy, comparing them with 10 patients who received no additional interventions.

All six received a hypnotic induction and got instruction in self-hypnosis techniques on the day of their procedure.

Using visual analog scales, researchers obtained the patients’ anxiety levels before and after the intervention. The results suggest that hypnosis may reduce recovery time, help patients to manage the fear and anxiety associated with this procedure and may also reduce the need for sedation. 

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Reduce Your Fear With Self Hypnosis Audio Download for Medical Stress

Whether they are planned or sudden, many medical interventions can cause you to worry. If your trepidations start to interfere with your ability to enjoy your life or participate in regular activities, consider trying a self hypnosis audio download for medical stress. 

UpNow’s self hypnosis download for medical interventions has been carefully designed by clinicians trained in this effective therapeutic technique, whose power you can now harness in the comfort of your own home. Using proven relaxation and focusing techniques, guided imagery and gentle suggestion, our self hypnosis download for medical procedures will help you to minimize those negative symptoms by changing the focus of your attention to positive, helpful images and goals.  

Our self hypnosis download for medical interventions is affordable, easy to use and results-driven. Effortlessly incorporated into even the busiest lifestyles, UpNow’s self hypnosis download for medical interventions can help you to enhance your feelings of safety and well-being as you prepare for surgery, biopsies, colonoscopies, dental treatments and much more. Don’t let fear keep you from getting the healing interventions you need. Download our self-hypnosis audios today to minimize worry and even speed your recovery. 

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