The Benefits of Hypnosis for Healthy Eating

The Benefits of Hypnosis for Healthy Eating

In 2017, obesity was responsible for 8 percent of deaths around the world in 2017, and obesity rates continue to skyrocket. About 13 percent of adults worldwide suffer from obesity, and 39 percent of them are overweight. As many as 20 percent of children and teens are overweight. While obesity is a complex issue with a multitude of underlying causes, it is often linked to a poor diet. Healthy eating can help you minimize your risk of obesity and maximize your health. If you struggle with healthy eating, hypnosis for healthy eating can help you get your diet back on track. With self-hypnosis audios for healthy eating, you can learn to make better food choices and stop those unhealthy cravings in their tracks.

What You Need to Know about a Healthy Diet

While recommendations for a healthy diet can vary from place to place, guidelines tend to be fairly similar. Your meals should consist of mostly vegetables and fruits and include a variety of both. Grains should be whole rather than processed, and if you eat meat, you should consider fish and avoid processed meats. Plant oils are healthier than man-made fats, and unsweetened beverages are better choices than sweetened beverages.

For many, this advice goes contrary to the way we are used to eating. It can be tough to change deeply ingrained habits, though. Healthy eating self-hypnosis works on a subconscious level to guide our choices, curb our cravings, and improve our diets. With UpNow’s self-hypnosis audios for healthy eating, your hunger and urges will be fully under your control.

The Benefits of a Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet can help us maintain or reach a healthy weight, but the benefits go beyond that. The nutrients in a healthy diet feed every cell in the body and promote optimal health. With our healthy eating hypnosis app, you can start to reap all the benefits of a healthy diet, including:

1. Lowered cancer risk

Overweight people have a higher cancer risk than those of normal weight, and their prognosis is worsened. Diets rich in produce have protective factors against cancer, particularly cancers of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Our hypnosis downloads for healthy eating can help you lose weight if needed and increase your intake of cancer-fighting antioxidant-rich foods.

2. A healthier cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s top killer, responsible for taking almost 18 million lives annually. Healthier lifestyle choices might help prevent as many as 80 percent of premature cardiovascular disease-related deaths, according to experts. Our healthy eating hypnosis app can help you make more heart-healthy choices not just when it comes to your diet but also your exercise and other lifestyle habits.

3. A better mood

Could your poor mood be caused by a poor diet? Some researchers believe the answer is “yes.” A healthier diet with a low glycemic index could help you feel better. With the right hypnosis audio for healthy eating on your side, you can make the healthy choices you need to drop the poor food choices and kick depression to the side. Healthy eating self-hypnosis can also help manage your mood by soothing stress, calming anxiety, and helping you manage your emotions.

The Power of Temptation

Our modern world is filled with temptations that our more primitive brains are not quite prepared to handle. The brain is well-adapted to forage and find the most satiating food possible while our body works to store it for times of deprivation. This model kept our species alive during times of extreme deprivation, but our bodies are not evolving as rapidly as our food landscape is. By using hypnosis downloads for healthy eating, you can fight back against temptations and win.

The food that is available to us is often highly tempting. The food-focused culture in which many in the Western world live keeps us eating even when we are not hungry. Overcoming these triggers can be difficult, but we have self-hypnosis audios for healthy eating on our side. Hypnosis for healthy eating can help you conquer temptation in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Visualizing yourself making healthy choices
  • Untangling the associations you have made between certain actions or moods and foods
  • Overcoming stress or emotional eating
  • Craving healthier foods
  • Finding processed or unhealthy foods less or unappealing

With the right hypnosis audio for healthy eating, you will find that not only are unhealthy foods less appetizing but you also will crave nutritious foods more. Nutritious food is one of the most important building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us make poor food choices out of habit, convenience, or familiarity.

With hypnosis, you can take control of your cravings and choose the best foods for your health. You might even find you enjoy them more!

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Making Better Choices with UpNow's Healthy Eating Hypnosis App

Many of our biggest problems surrounding food are not due to food itself but rather the relationship we have with food. We struggle because we use food to satisfy cravings that have nothing to do with physical hunger. These are issues that are seated in the subconscious mind and can be addressed quite well through healthy eating self-hypnosis.

Using food as a safety net gives us a feeling of protection, and our subconscious works all the time to keep us safe. Emotional or stress eating to reach that familiar feeling of safety is our subconscious trying to protect us from feelings we do not enjoy. Reaching for sweet or salty snacks instead of grabbing a piece of fruit or some cut-up vegetables is the same thing: We are using food to ease not physical but emotional hunger.

Our hypnosis audio for healthy eating works by addressing the subconscious mind directly, allowing you to work through the emotional issues leading you to turn to food inappropriately. You can learn to see food as a powerful source of nutrition rather than comfort. With hypnosis downloads for healthy eating, you can make those life-changing decisions and feel supported and encouraged you as you move towards healthy habits, choices, and dietary changes.

About UpNow's Self-Hypnosis Audios for Healthy Eating

Many people struggle with healthy eating because they crave processed snacks or comfort food. They eat well beyond the point of satisfaction and until they are uncomfortable. They numb their emotions with food. Now imagine a world in which none of that happens: where we eat wholesome food because we are hungry and stop when we are satiated. Imagine managing emotions in a healthy way. With our healthy eating hypnosis app, it is possible.

UpNow’s hypnosis audio for healthy eating can help you work through the issues driving you to poor food choices, whether that means eating the wrong foods or eating too much. You can use healthy eating self-hypnosis to get control of your cravings and manage your emotions in a healthier way. Visit to learn more about hypnosis for healthy eating or to get started with your hypnosis downloads for healthy eating today.

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