Navigating the Pandemic School Year with Hypnosis

Navigating the Pandemic School Year with Hypnosis

The new school year is upon us, and it brings with it new challenges and new opportunities thanks to the COVID pandemic. As of October 2002, the world has seen more than 34 million confirmed cases of COVID with new cases being confirmed daily. Because COVID spreads through both direct and indirect contact via respiratory secretions, it poses a particular risk in enclosed environments such as schools. Children sit close together, and when they laugh, play, or talk throughout the day, they are at risk of infection.

Schools have put in a variety of safety measures to protect children, staff, and communities, but they cannot eliminate the risks entirely. These safety measures can also place a burden on children and families, especially when they involve distance-learning or social distancing in and out of the classroom. UpNow’s downloads can give you the tools you need to support your child’s learning at home, in the classroom, or in general.

Adjusting to New Norm

Every school year brings changes, but this school year poses unique challenges. Along with shopping for school supplies, preparing uniforms, and getting kids ready for a new year of learning, we are brainstorming ways to keep our kids safe like never before. You and your family may feel overwhelmed or burdened by the changes in your child’s school. Hypnosis for parenting can help.

With our app, you can learn to quickly and effectively “reprogram” your subconscious to build new habits. You will become more intentional about creating new habits that facilitate your child’s learning whether at home remotely or in school in a new environment.

Adapting to New Expectations

In communities with high infection rates, schools have a difficult balancing act. They must educate our children, ensure safe and healthy socialization, and minimize the risk of disease. As parents, we can make their jobs easier by using self-hypnosis for parenting during coronavirus.

Although children thrive on routine, COVID has stripped away many of those routines. We can create new routines and healthy new habits more easily by using UpNow’s hypnosis app. With hypnosis, you can help your child stay positive and focused on learning.

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Managing Emotions

Self-regulation is a critical skill that children need to not just cope but excel in this new environment. Virtual classrooms, hybrid learning, and learning in a socially distant classroom can be stressful for children who are used to more active learning. Self-hypnosis for parenting during coronavirus can help you manage your own stress so that you work with your child on theirs.

The stress of the pandemic has increased the risk of anxiety and depression. Hypnosis for parenting can help you manage that stress and develop the structure and routine your family needs to stay on track during and after the pandemic. It can also help you focus on developing healthy habits, such as good sleep hygiene, regular exercise, and good nutrition, which are all essential aspects of stress management.

Using UpNow’s Hypnosis App

Our hypnosis app works on a subconscious level. As you relax and focus, you become more open and accepting of new ideas and suggestions. Our downloads work by gently guiding you with suggestions that help you implement positive changes in your life and parenting. With our hypnosis for parenting, you can take a step back from the noise of the day-to-day, relax, and unwind. You can tap into new sources of healing as you nurture your subconscious mind through the power of hypnosis. Contact today to learn more about self-hypnosis for parenting during coronavirus or to download our app.

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