Reaching Your Goals with Hypnosis for Athletic Performance

Reaching Your Goals with Hypnosis for Athletic Performance

hypnosis for athletic performance

Your performance on the court or field is as much about your mental training as it is your physical training. All the practice in the world might not make a difference if you choke at the last minute due to distractions, lost focus, or performance anxiety. Sports hypnosis can help you get and keep your head in the game, stay mentally grounded, and get more out of your performance on every level. From abseiling to wrestling and everything in between, you can get the edge you need from hypnosis for athletic performance.

Getting in the Zone

When you are in “the zone,” your focus is complete. Background noises and chaos seem to fade away. Everything you do comes naturally, and your movements are smooth and fluid. While you do not necessarily have control over when and how you get in the zone, what if you did? What if you could get into that optimal performance zone anytime you wanted or needed to be in the zone?

With sports hypnosis, you can. UpNow’s hypnosis downloads for athletes enable you to harness the power of your brain so that you can channel your energy with a laser-like focus on your goals. Each time you use our self-hypnosis downloads, you can learn to calm and clear your mind, trust yourself, and reach deeper levels of absorption.

Maximize your Endurance

Staying the course is critical for athletes whether you are a long-distance runner or a tennis player. Not only does endurance matter for the final performance, but you need to stick with it for each practice, grueling training session, or workout. Using sports hypnosis can help you push through the tough times and come out on the other side triumphantly.

Hypnosis downloads for athletes can help you:

  • Strengthen your focus
  • Maintain your stamina
  • Get motivated
  • Feel more determined
  • Enjoy greater resiliency

When you use self-hypnosis downloads, you can turbocharge your inner sense of motivation. Whether you are struggling to get through the first stretch of your run or pushing through a difficult practice session, hypnosis downloads for athletes will help you get through everything that is holding you back. You will enjoy a renewed sense of passion and a powerful feeling of achievement as you reach new heights of success.

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Having a Winning Attitude

Sportswriter Grantland Rice once wrote, “(The Great Scorer) writes not that you won or lost but how you played the game.” A winning attitude is not so much about reaching your goals but the attitude you have along the way, and that comes down to your mindset. Do you have a growth mindset, which is focused on learning and adapting?

Being good at your chosen sport is only one factor when it comes to winning. You train, you practice, and you are confident, but if you fail to address the flaws in your thought patterns, it could all come to nothing.


Self-hypnosis downloads from help correct those deeply embedded negative thought processes that could be holding you back. You might hold onto more negative beliefs than you realize, and until you release them, they will continue to hold you back.

By using hypnosis to release your negativity, you can harness the power of your own mind, visualizing success and becoming your strongest cheerleader.

An increasing number of athletes are choosing hypnosis for athletic performance to motivate themselves, tap into a deep reserve of strength, and unleash their true potential. You can join them with UpNow. Our hypnosis downloads are easy and versatile to use and ideal for everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes. Visit to learn more or to download our app today.

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