Use Self-Hypnosis to Manage Performance Anxiety

Use Self-Hypnosis to Manage Performance Anxiety

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Use Self-Hypnosis to Manage Performance Anxiety

If the thought of public speaking makes you feel ill, you are not alone. Public speaking is consistently mentioned as one of the number one phobias people face. It is just one activity that could cause performance anxiety or “stage fright,” but you do not have to be on a stage to feel it. You can get performance anxiety just from giving a presentation at work or school or even performing a task while your boss looks on. Athletes also experience performance anxiety. The good news is that performance anxiety can be managed. Decades of studies support the use of hypnotherapy in managing phobias and stage fright in particular. You can practice self hypnosis for anxiety relief and retrain your responses to fear-provoking situations. Self hypnosis for anxiety relief audios can help you thrive.

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Anxiety and Hypnosis

At its root, performance anxiety is a manifestation of a more general anxiety disorder. Multiple studies support the efficacy of hypnosis as one tool in managing anxiety. For example, a study conducted with Chinese participants at University College London looked at the effectiveness of hypnosis along with other cognitive techniques to manage anxiety instead of using longer-term psychoanalysis that examined the root of the issue. The study found that hypnosis was effective and that participants reported satisfaction with their hypnotherapy experience. You can use self hypnosis downloads to replicate this experience and manage your own performance anxiety.

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Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

In some situations that cause anxiety, you have the opportunity to step away and compose yourself. A particular challenge of performance anxiety as a manifestation of general anxiety is that you must be able to manage it in the moment even though you may be surrounded by distractions. This is where post-hypnotic suggestion can be useful. Post-hypnotic suggestions are affirmations that you listen to or repeat while in the heightened state of focused awareness and suggestibility that hypnosis provides. These suggestions then carry over into your everyday life. You cannot stop in the middle of a performance to listen to self hypnosis audios, but you can work on affirmations while in a state of self-hypnosis that will reduce your anxiety while speaking or performing.

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Hypnosis and Breath Therapy

Anxiety in performance situations causes physical symptoms that in turn create a vicious cycle in which the anxiety is heightened. With self hypnosis audios, you can train yourself to manage your breathing while you are in a hypnotic state and use post-hypnotic suggestion to control your breath in situations of performance anxiety. Replacing shallow breathing with deep breaths can prevent hyperventilating and other physical reactions that heighten your stage fright.

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Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

One element of anxiety involves repeatedly imagining worst-case scenarios. These thoughts can become intrusive and cause severe performance anxiety. An important tool in combatting this kind of anxiety is replacing the negative thoughts with more positive imagery. Using audio downloads that deal with self hypnosis for anxiety, you can imagine positive outcomes in the anxiety-provoking situations, That positive visualization will stay with you even when you are no longer in the hypnotic state. Athletes often use hypnosis and guided imagery for performance success. Another study examined the effects of hypnosis and positive visualization on teenage soccer players and found significant improvement in their performance compared to a control group that did not use the techniques.
Self hypnosis for anxiety can significantly improve your performance whether you are an athlete, a business person or a student. To find out more about the benefits of self hypnosis and to get self hypnosis downloads, contact us at UpNow.

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