Conquering Dental Anxiety with Self Hypnosis

Conquering Dental Anxiety with Self Hypnosis

Routine dental care is essential to your smile’s health. Unfortunately, more than six out of 10 people worldwide suffer from some degree of dental anxiety or dental phobia. Those who are afraid of the dentist cite a variety of fears, including pain, smells, sounds and sensations. Some people even suffer bill-related anxiety that can lead to them putting off dental care for weeks or months at a time

If you suffer from dental phobia, it is time to consider self hypnosis for dental problems. 

The Consequences of Dental Anxiety

Brushing, flossing and a healthy lifestyle all work together to create a healthy smile. However, they are not enough without regular checkups and dental care. Dentists check teeth, gums and other oral structures for signs of dental disease at a routine checkup. As with other health issues, dental diseases are best treated when identified at early stages.  

If you are struggling with a dental phobia, you might not be getting the dental care you need. You might even be afraid to get care for dental problems, such as pain or injuries. A minor problem can quickly become a more serious one. With self hypnosis for dental phobia, you can overcome those fears and anxieties and get the treatment you need. 

Self Hypnosis for the Fear of Dentists

Few phobias can have the kind of effects on your health that dental phobia can have. Dental and overall health are intricately linked, so when you neglect your smile, you could be neglecting your whole body. Whether you suffer from mild anxiety that causes you to put off routine care even when you suffer severe pain, self hypnosis for the fear of dentists offers the possibility of relief. 

You cannot rationalize dental phobia away any more than you can rationalize any anxiety away. These responses are part of the body’s natural stress response, which is designed to protect you from perceived threats. Unfortunately, dental phobia is counterproductive and can lead to more health problems over time.  

Self hypnosis for dental problems works by stopping the fear response in its tracks. You will learn to relax deeply and calm your body’s fight-or-flight response. You can begin to retrain your brain’s reaction to the dentist, the dental office, the dental chair and dental work. Instead of reacting with fear and anxiety, you can allow yourself to feel calm and comfortable. 

How Hypnosis Works to Manage Dental Phobia

During self hypnosis for dental phobia, you will feel deeply relaxed but will not fall asleep. Instead, you will be able to focus intently and shut out external distractions. This allows you to bypass the critical factor of the conscious brain and access the subconscious. With self hypnosis for dental problems, you can learn to reframe past experiences and face future experiences with new confidence.  

Research on hypnosis and dental phobia has had positive results. In one study, patients experienced hypnosis while in the dental chair and continued using hypnosis at home with hypnosis audios. More than half of them were continuing to seek dental treatment at the three-year follow-up compared to just a fraction of the control group. 

UpNow Hypnosis Audios

UpNow’s self hypnosis app is designed to help you partner with your mind to manage anxiety, phobias and other serious issues. Our self hypnosis for dental phobia can give you the tools you need to move beyond your anxiety and fear so that you can get necessary care. You will be ready to show off your strong, healthy smile with confidence and without fear. Visit today to learn more about self hypnosis for the fear of dentists.  

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