Don’t Let IBS Cramp Your style: Self Hypnosis Audios Can Help

Don’t Let IBS Cramp Your style: Self Hypnosis Audios Can Help

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An estimated 10 to 15 percent of the world’s population suffers from IBS. The symptoms of this condition include abdominal discomfort or pain and altered bowel habits (diarrhea, constipation or both) that occur chronically. 

Although the exact cause remains a mystery, scientists know that it stems from the communication that occurs among the brain, gut and nervous system. Although stress does not cause IBS, it can trigger symptoms or make them worse. That is where hypnosis for IBS can play a pivotal role in improving quality of life. 

The Effects of IBS on Daily Life

Anyone with moderate to severe IBS can attest to the fact that this condition can have a profound effect on daily activities. Intense physical discomfort can lead to a person canceling work or social activities. Furthermore, IBS symptoms can be both debilitating and embarrassing. Anxiety about the possibility of the onset of unpredictable symptoms can actually serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy that brings them on. Therefore, addressing and minimizing worry and fear about the possibility of an IBS attack through self hypnosis audios for IBS can make a huge difference. 

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What is Hypnosis

Although hypnosis is sometimes portrayed in popular culture as a carnival trick during which unsuspecting subjects cluck like chickens or make fools of themselves in numerous other ways, the truth is that it is a bona fide, scientifically proven therapeutic method. It involves the person first using techniques to become relaxed. Then, either in tandem with a hypnotherapist or on their own, the person uses suggestions and guided imagery to bring about a state of heightened focus and awareness. By tapping into the power of the unconscious mind, goals such as pain and anxiety reduction can be achieved. 

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Does Hypnosis for IBS Work?

Although there are both over-the-counter and prescription medications that can reduce the effects of IBS, many people opt to replace or supplement these pharmacological solutions with the holistic intervention of self hypnosis audios for IBS. It is a decision rooted in clinical studies that point to the efficacy of this type of therapy and how it helps to relieve the IBS symptom-enhancing effects of stress. A 2003 study followed 204 people suffering from IBS and assessed their progress after 12 weekly hypnosis sessions. Seventy-five percent of women and 58 percent of men reported significant symptom improvement and more than 80 percent of those who benefited from the hypnosis treatment reported continued relief up to six years later. More interesting, more than 90 percent of the participants stayed away from other treatments after experiencing hypnotherapy.  

Hypnosis for Self Regulation

Gary Elkins, Joseph White and other colleagues wanted to test the ability of hypnosis to reduce the stress levels of a small group of patients who were receiving a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer.

Results indicated that self-hypnosis before the colonoscopy was significantly helpful in assisting patients with their pain levels, anxiety and even in reducing their recovery time. Research into this important subject continues, but preliminary findings are encouraging in terms of the difference that self hypnosis downloads for IBS can bring about. 

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A Solution At Your Fingertips

Thanks to your smartphone, self hypnosis downloads for IBS are just a few taps away. UpNow has crafted a series of short hypnosis sessions that you can easily incorporate into even the busiest schedule. In just a few minutes per day, you can begin to take advantage of our carefully crafted, clinically based self hypnosis downloadss for IBS and stress-related anxiety. These sessions of enhanced attention and focus can help you to minimize the tendency to worry and become excessively concerned that you may soon experience IBS symptoms. 

Your gut does not need to control or inhibit your life. Give yourself the gift of reduced anxiety and enhanced relaxation with’s self-hypnosis audio programs. You’ll be glad you did. 

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