Choosing Mindfulness through Self-Hypnosis Downloads in COVID Times

Choosing Mindfulness through Self-Hypnosis Downloads in COVID Times

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Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness. When you are mindful, you are focused and aware of your feelings and sensations at the moment. You accept them and acknowledge them, but they do not overpower or overcome you. Mindfulness can be a powerful therapeutic technique, and in the time of COVID-19, UpNow’s self-hypnosis app can help us stay centered even when the world around us seems chaotic.

Crisis Fatigue and the Inevitable Crash

For many of us, the pandemic has brought nonstop worries, not just about health but about time, family, job security, finances, and security. Just checking the news every day might feel like an emotional roller coaster. Getting through the day-to-day worries and stress becomes an enormously exhausting hurdle.

There is a term for what we are experiencing: crisis fatigue. After the initial hormonal rush of the body’s fight-or-flight response has passed, your body is left dealing with the aftereffects of chronic stress. Your energy stores are depleted, and the adrenaline highs that kept you going in the early days of the pandemic are unsustainable. You crash.

You might not realize right away that you have a problem. Symptoms can be subtle, but over time, they worsen. They can include:

  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Overly emotional responses
  • Depression and withdrawal
  • Resignation
  • A change in sleeping or eating patterns
  • A disruption to your routine

While you cannot necessarily avoid pandemic-related stress or your body’s natural response to the crisis, you can take steps to minimize crisis fatigue. Along with essential self-care routines, such as staying connected with loved ones and focusing on good nutrition and exercise, using self-hypnosis for relaxation is a good way to take control of the overwhelming emotions you are experiencing.

Using Self-Hypnosis Downloads to Overcome Anxiety

Self-hypnosis for relaxation is a powerful tool that can help you reduce your fears, calm your anxiety, and ease your stress. With our self-hypnosis app, you can learn to focus on the present moment, purposefully and intentionally, and reclaim your peace of mind.

Hypnosis and mindfulness both involve focused attention and awareness. UpNow’s self-hypnosis downloads feature subconscious suggestions to help change behavior and manage symptoms. Combining both practices can help promote mindfulness and enhance outcomes. A pilot study showed promising results for mindful hypnotherapy, particularly with respect to stress.

In the study, 42 people suffering from high stress were split into two groups. One group engaged in mindful hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. The other group had no interventions. By the end of the study, the mindfulness hypnosis group reported an increase in mindfulness and a significant decrease in stress. The average participant engaged in mindful hypnotherapy daily and rated their satisfaction at 8.9 out of 10. Perhaps not surprisingly, the group with no interventions reported no changes in their emotional state.

When using our self-hypnosis app, you can learn to be more aware of your surroundings and senses. You can acknowledge your thoughts and feelings without letting them overwhelm you. You can become more empathetic and compassionate towards yourself and those around you. You can be more purposeful in your daily life. Over time, you can become more mindful not just while you practice self-hypnosis for relaxation but on a day to day basis.

Mindfulness can help you feel more grounded and secure, especially in these troubled times. Visit today to learn more about how you can use self-hypnosis to stay grounded, mindful, and secure during COVID. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and information about using self-hypnosis downloads.

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