Freedom from Shame through Self-Hypnosis

Freedom from Shame through Self-Hypnosis

self-hypnosis for shame

Shame is a word that immediately brings to mind feelings of awkwardness, embarrassment, humiliation, and guilt. This natural human emotion is one that most of us have experienced at one time or another. We feel shame when we violate an accepted social norm. Shame tends to be focused inward. If it is not addressed, it can have serious consequences for our emotional and physical health. UpNow’s self-hypnosis downloads for shame can help you let go of shame and embrace growth and new opportunities.

Is It Shame or Guilt?

Shame and guilt are closely related but different concepts. These feelings are both fairly unpleasant initially, but they can have very different effects on us and our behavior. When we feel guilty, we concentrate on our actions. The guilt centers on what was done and how to correct it. As such, it does not necessarily have to color our self-image or negatively affect our self-esteem.

On the other hand, shame is focused on the self. Instead of seeing the act as bad, people who are ashamed see themselves as bad. This, in turn, becomes less of an opportunity for growth and more of a descent into depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Shedding unhealthy shame with our self-hypnosis downloads enables you to rebuild relationships, reconnect with others, and renew your self-confidence.

self-hypnosis for shame

The Negative Effects of Shame

When you are struggling with shame, every aspect of your life can be affected. You lose the confidence to reach for new opportunities, and you may struggle with social or generalized anxiety disorder. Researchers theorize that shame and especially chronic shame could even have seriously negative effects on your physical health, including chronic inflammation, heart disease, and weight gain.

Unlike the momentary shame a person might feel during a moment of awkwardness or embarrassment, chronic shame settles deep inside your subconscious. It becomes the lens through which you see the world. Your subconscious is an enormous repository for information, experiences, and memories and is automatic. It allows you to move quickly in the face of potential threats.

Once it takes root in your subconscious, shame can become a fast-growing weed, choking out healthy growth and tangling up your efforts to move beyond your fear. You are unable to forgive yourself, and you are equally unable to open up to others. You find yourself making the same mistakes repeatedly. You feel unhappy and burdened by your shame, but you cannot move past it.

UpNow’s self-hypnosis mp3s for shame can help. With our self-hypnosis mp3s for shame, you can move beyond the shame, anger, reproach, rejection, and anxiety. You can find freedom, hope, and growth as you take your first tentative steps on a new path towards a life without shame.

Using Hypnosis for Shame

Using hypnosis to address shame works by tapping into the subconscious. As you experience hypnosis, your conscious mind becomes relaxed. Your focus is heightened, and you can work on those parts of yourself that are trapped and inhibited by chronic shame. The right self-hypnosis downloads can help you loosen your bonds of anger and hurt and let go of the negative emotions that are keeping you trapped in such an unhealthy cycle.

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