Enhance Well-being and Reduce Coronavirus Concerns with Hypnosis Downloads

Enhance Well-being and Reduce Coronavirus Concerns with Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis Downloads

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, we are increasingly feeling the weight of anxiety, worry and fear. Concern about our well-being and that of the people we love, combined with the disruption of our normal lives, is causing many of us to be flooded with intense feelings. Among the strongest are depression, distress, anger, confusion and worry. Together, they conspire to leave us feeling bewildered and even lost. As if that were not enough to keep us up at night, these psychological symptoms do not occur in a vacuum; they can have a profound effect on our physical health as well.

The Power of the Immune System

Our immune system is at the forefront, fighting off viral and bacterial invaders. However, its strength and resilience can be compromised by the stress that accompanies anxiety, depression and other negative emotions. Kiecolt-Glaser, McGuire, Robles, Glaser et al conducted a review of recent literature that underscored this fact. Identified medical studies found a significant link between negative emotions and the production of the proinflammatory cytokines that are often precursors of conditions such as diabetes, cancers and cardiovascular disease. Upon examination of these findings, the authors of the review posited that patients would benefit from interventions that limit the dysregulation of the immune system that results from stress and negative emotions.

In another study, Richard Davidson and other colleagues asked 52 subjects to recall their best and worst experiences. As they were writing them down, their brain activity was measured. The subjects were then administered flu shots, with their antibody levels recorded after two weeks, four weeks and six months. The study links negative emotions and a lower immune response. It also suggests a correlation between well-being and an increased ability to fight illness.

Enhance Well-being and Reduce Coronavirus Concerns with Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis as a Stress Reliever

In recent decades, hypnosis has gained wide usage as a way to help in minimizing stress. Either with the assistance of a hypnotherapist or via a hypnosis downloads app, patients are able to enter a state of heightened concentration and focus that enables them to block out external distractions. By so doing, they can focus on a specific goal, i.e. to enhance a sense of well-being and reduce the fear and worry that is causing distress. Gregoire, Nicolas et al confirmed the findings of previous studies showing the effectiveness of self-hypnosis techniques for female breast cancer patients on indices such as fatigue levels, sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression and overall health status. These findings further validate what scientists have long suspected: using a self hypnosis download to boost immunity may be a very effective means to elevate physical, immune and mental health.

Introducing UpNow’s Hypnosis Downloads

You do not need to wait another day to harness the power of your own mind to enhance your resistance to anxiety and disease. Through collaboration with a world-renowned hypnotherapist, UpNow has designed a hypnosis downloads app that you can easily incorporate into your daily wellness practice. This hypnosis app download is affordable and available for easy download on your iPhone from the Apple app store. In less than 30 minutes per day, you can gently guide your mind toward strength and healing, pushing away the fears, anxieties and negative feelings that may be compromising your immune system and darkening your mood. Our self hypnosis download to boost immunity furnishes you with a non-invasive, drug-free and self-affirming way to find the support and emotional sustenance you need during these difficult times. Try a hypnosis app download from UpNow today, and refresh your system.

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