The Power of Hypnotherapy for Children with Abdominal Pain

The Power of Hypnotherapy for Children with Abdominal Pain

Hypnotherapy for Abdominal Pain

Gut problems are common among children. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, recurrent bouts of abdominal pain may affect up to 20 percent of children. This pain can be caused by a variety of conditions including indigestion, abdominal migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and functional abdominal pain.  

For children with chronic abdominal pain, the impact on the quality of their lives can be profound. Unfortunately, there is no proven cure for most of these issues. That is why more families are turning to hypnotherapy for functional abdominal pain and other issues as a safe and effective course of treatment. 

Hypnotherapy for Children

There are a number of reasons why hypnotherapy for children is so appealing. In the first place, it is extremely effective with certain types of ailments. With functional pain issues, seeking mental control over the situation can dramatically improve the effect of the symptoms. That is not to say that children suffering from abdominal pain are making things up. Rather, it suggests that a positive mindset can help children cope with their symptoms better.  

Better still, hypnosis for abdominal pain can be conducted with a trained professional or through at-home audio resources. According to a Dutch study, both hypnosis audios and in-person hypnotherapy sessions improved outcomes for children with gut issues. The at-home option increases the viability of the treatment by making it flexible and affordable. In fact, the study showed that at-home exercises were effective enough to improve outcomes for nearly half of the participants in the study. 

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Hypnotherapy for Abdominal Pain

Although hypnotherapy has a wide range of possible applications, the nature of abdominal pain is often a good fit for the technique. Researchers at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that hypnosis could help with the psychological aspect of the pain. Children who used hypnotherapy for functional abdominal pain did not actually see a change in their symptoms. However, their anxiety about those symptoms was lessened, which dramatically improved their experience with those symptoms. Because abdominal issues are often hard to pinpoint and lack effective treatments, hypnotherapy is an important alternative for children. 

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Wider Implications for Hypnotherapy for Functional Abdominal Pain

These studies have focused on children, but the implications are clear. Hypnotherapy for abdominal pain can be an effective choice regardless of age or gender. Studies have consistently shown that hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to provide relief to patients suffering from ongoing bouts of gut pain.  

In one study, patients who tried hypnotherapy generally did better than those who did not, and those patients had a reduced risk of relapse. This suggests that hypnotherapy is not only an effective solution now, but its impact can help people successfully manage their abdominal issues over the course of a lifetime. This means that there are few limitations to the applicability of this treatment. Instead, the potential gain warrants extra attention

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Start Hypnotherapy for Abdominal Pain Today

If your child is suffering from ongoing bouts of abdominal pain, you may feel like you are running out of options. It can impact your child’s school work, social life and general happiness. Too often, children suffering from gut issues cannot find relief through traditional treatments. However, with hypnosis for abdominal pain, you have reason to hope.  

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