Minimize Groundless Fears With Hypnosis Downloads

Minimize Groundless Fears With Hypnosis Downloads

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Minimize Groundless Fears With Hypnosis Downloads

According to Harvard Health, a phobia is “a persistent, excessive, unrealistic fear of an object, person, animal, activity or situation.” Classified as an anxiety disorder, phobias can be very specific (such as fear of spiders), may relate to fear of social situations or might have to do with an intense fear of public places (agoraphobia). Those experiencing these debilitating fears often take great pains to avoid the feared object or activity even if doing so means that their opportunities for career advancement or human interaction are limited.

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Symptoms of Phobias

People experience these intense fears in their own unique ways. However, there are several common symptoms that most phobia sufferers endure:

  • Intense feelings of fear or anxiety that are triggered by the situation or object;
  • Feelings that are out of proportion compared to reality or are irrational;
  • Physical side effects such as shaking, perspiring, nausea and dizziness;
  • Strong urge to avoid the fear-provoking stimulus.

Although irrational fears tend to be of shorter duration for children, they are usually chronic in adults. Fortunately, many people are finding that using hypnosis for fear can be extremely helpful in alleviating their symptoms. Hypnosis Mp3 downloads bring you the benefits of hypnosis at your fingertips.

How Hypnosis Audio Downloads Online Can Reduce Irrational Fears

Many medical procedures cause patients to experience anxiety and trepidation. For those with phobias, the symptoms can be so debilitating that they can sometimes interfere with the successful completion of the procedure. Magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) scans are a perfect example. Undergoing a treatment in an enclosed tube for nearly an hour can bring about intense claustrophobia and anxiety in up to 10 percent of all patients. Using hypnosis for fear enables patients to place their heightened, focused awareness on positive suggestions that concentrate on their ability to overcome symptoms of panic and anxiety.

Visiting the dentist is another source of unreasonable terror for many people. Against their better judgment, many patients simply avoid caring for their oral health altogether because of their intense anxiety. A 1989 study of a small sample of two patients with severe dental and needle phobia suggested that meditation and hypnosis before the treatments significantly reduced their fears. During the first session, patients were taught basic techniques of meditation and self-hypnosis. At subsequent visits, they were presented with various dental-related stimuli while in a hypnosis for fear state. Over time, both reported a marked decrease in their fears and a heightened ability to tolerate even procedures such as inserting a needle into the gum.

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Let Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads Ease Your Fears

Today’s frenetic lifestyle makes taking the time to focus on health and well-being a challenge for many of us. However, even the busiest person can easily incorporate hypnosis downloads into their day. UpNow’s hypnosis audio online downloads are carefully designed by hypnotherapists with years of experience in the field. Regardless of the cause of your irrational fear or phobia, our hypnosis audio downloads online are uniquely designed to provide you with strategies for relaxing your body, calming your mind, focusing your awareness and gradually lessening the hold that fear currently has on your life. Affordable and easy to use, regular use of these mp3 downloads can bring about a real and lasting reduction in your fear levels. Why not download the app today?

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