Ease Your Fears with Hypnosis for Fear and Anxiety

Ease Your Fears with Hypnosis for Fear and Anxiety

hypnosis for fear and anxiety

Fear, anxiety and panic attacks can interfere with your ability to enjoy life. Anxiety disorders are common, but most people don’t get the treatment they need. As a result, they experience crippling fear and panic attacks. Understandably, most people with anxiety also experience severe depression. None of that is necessary, however, when you use hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks.

How Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Works

When you experience hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks, you start by feeling deeply calm and relaxed. The state of relaxed but alert focus allows you to slow your breathing, lower your heart rate, relax your muscles and calm your mind. You’ll experience a decrease in the physical tension caused by anxiety. At the same time, your mind is receptive to new ideas and new ways of managing your fear.

hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks

Hypnosis for Fear and Anxiety Addresses All Your Symptoms

Anxiety, fear and depression affect you in many ways, and self-hypnosis can help you address them all. Here’s how it works on every level.

Reduces emotional strain: Once your physical symptoms are under control, hypnosis for anxiety works on your emotional distress. People with anxiety and panic disorders often feel tense. You may also suffer from depression and mood swings. Hypnosis for fear and anxiety reduces your emotional strain.

Addresses symptoms of phobia: Many people with panic disorders have specific fears that trigger their panicked reactions. If you have those fears, hypnosis for anxiety and panic disorders can train you in desensitization. This is the technique that lets you experience the thing you fear in small doses until you can handle it fully.

Helps you sleep: If you have anxiety, you are probably sleep-deprived. Self-hypnosis will train you in techniques that help you stay calm, relax and get the sleep you need.

Research Supports the Use of Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hypnosis works on a deeply therapeutic emotional level to soothe your anxieties. Research shows the effects are not just emotional or psychological. In one study, scientists scanned the brains of 57 people who received guided hypnosis sessions for anxiety, pain and trauma. They were able to map the areas of the brain that responded to hypnosis.

These areas revealed changes in activity and connectivity during hypnosis. Specifically, they showed that these parts of the brain help the brain process and control what’s going on in the body. In other words, you don’t have to experience physical reactions of panic if you can control them with hypnosis.

Researchers Found Changes in Brain Activity

They also noted brain activity that pointed to a break between someone’s actions and their awareness of their actions. As one researcher noted, when you’re deeply engaged in doing something, you don’t keep analyzing it or even thinking about it, you just do it. Hypnosis creates a similar disconnect in your brain. You can engage in activities suggested by hypnosis without thinking consciously about doing them.

Applied to the treatment of anxiety, these findings reveal that hypnotherapy for anxiety can change the way your brain reacts to things that trigger anxiety. You can control your responses and replace them with health-affirming responses.

Can You Get the Same Results from a Self-Hypnosis App?

Hypnotherapy for anxiety clearly works, but can you get the same results at home with a self-hypnosis app? Research shows you can. Studies have found, for instance, that self-hypnosis can help people cope with pain, even pain as intense and anxiety-provoking as having a dental procedure.

Free Yourself from Fear with Hypnosis for Anxiety

Using a self-hypnosis app can help you cope with anxiety by:

  • Calming your breathing.
  • Lowering your heart rate.
  • Allowing you to focus.
  • Managing your physical and emotional responses to fear.
  • Teaching you strategies to cope with your anxiety long-term.

If you’re ready to break free from fear and anxiety, use a self-hypnosis app from UpNow. We use clinically proven findings to create self-hypnosis apps that help you live a better life.

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