Minimize Your Social Phobia with Self Hypnosis

Minimize Your Social Phobia with Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis for Social Phobia

Anxiety is the body’s normal, healthy response to stress. In small amounts, it assists us in paying attention to warning signs and watching out for dangers. However, an over-abundance of excessive fear and worry can have dramatic, negative effects on your life. An estimated 30 percent of adults experience overwhelming anxiety at some point; however, the good news is that there are viable treatments, including hypnosis for social anxiety, that can provide substantial relief.

Self Hypnosis Download for Social Phobia

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Known in the past as social phobia, this specific type of anxiety affects your feelings related to interacting with others. People with social anxiety disorder worry excessively about being embarrassed or looked down upon in a social situation. These concerns can be so grave that a person may avoid interacting with others altogether. Common examples of this condition include fear of public speaking, meeting new people or drinking or eating in front of others. This intense fear of embarrassment or rejection must persist for at least six months in order for a person to be diagnosed as having social anxiety disorder.

Using Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

In addition to medications, hypnosis is proving to be an effective solution for a number of conditions, including reducing the symptoms and effects of social anxiety disorder. Although many people view hypnosis as very complex or mysterious, it is actually nothing more than a state of heightened focus and awareness during which a person is able to concentrate on achieving a goal or changing a long-standing pattern. Two important tools used in a hypnosis download for social anxiety disorder involve employing the power of positive images and verbal suggestions to change the negative thought patterns that you may have fallen into over the years. Over time, a person who regularly practices hypnosis for social phobia techniques can, in effect, cut the destructive endless loops that are keeping the cycle of fear spinning out of control.

Does Hypnosis for Social Anxiety Disorder Work?

Researchers have examined the effectiveness of hypnosis in counteracting fear and anxiety responses for many years. In one study, 80 patients with bone cancer were randomly assigned either to a hypnosis group or one in which they received standard care. All patients underwent bone biopsies and aspirates, procedures that frequently bring about a very uncomfortable combination of pain and anxiety. Those who had received hypnosis reported significantly reduced anxiety levels after the procedures.

Visiting the dentist can also lead to intense anxiety and phobias in many patients. Researchers selected 12 patients with dental phobia and 12 without the condition for their study and assessed patients’ brain functioning and fear structures using functional magnetic resonance imaging before and after providing hypnotic training. Results showed a marked reduction in the stimulation of the fear centers of the brains of the hypnotized patients with dental phobia.

Experience a Hypnosis Download for Social Anxiety Disorder Today

Hypnosis for social anxiety disorder offers a safe, fun and relaxing way to put those debilitating fears and worries behind you once and for all. UpNow has consulted with respected hypnotherapists to craft audios that you can easily download right to your smartphone. With just a few minutes of practice each day, you can transform fear into relaxation and change the destructive messages you have been telling yourself. Hypnosis for social phobia is easy, safe, affordable and effective. There is no reason to wait another day to incorporate this proven practice into your life.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Social Phobia

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