Manage Pandemic Fatigue with a Self-Hypnosis App

Manage Pandemic Fatigue with a Self-Hypnosis App

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The novel coronavirus has spread like wildfire for nearly a year, and as it has done so, countries around the globe have used a variety of techniques to manage it. Some have closed borders and highways. Others have closed their schools and moved education to a remote platform. Many have instituted new rules for dining and recreation. A few countries are fully locked down, and a few are fully open. Navigating this new world and the new rules in it can feel like a balancing act sometimes. UpNow’s hypnosis app can help you navigate this new world while nurturing your mental and physical health.

Strengthening Your Immune System

Although some people can take changes in stride, many of the changes we have experienced have turned our lives on end. Even small changes can be stressful, and that stress can compromise the immune response, leaving us more vulnerable to infection. With our self-hypnosis app, you can combat stress and give your immune system the edge it needs right now.

According to researchers from Columbus’ Ohio State University in the United States, self-hypnosis can help protect against the immune-dampening effects of stress. Researchers found that medical students who used self-hypnosis training had stronger immune responses during exam time compared to students who did not use hypnosis. Furthermore, students who practiced more often had stronger immune responses. In other words, hypnotherapy might just help you stay healthier throughout the pandemic.

Self-Hypnosis App to Manage Pandemic Fatigue

Addressing Anxiety and Depression

Pandemic fatigue is a real phenomenon, and it is taking a toll on all of us. With 30 million infected as of October 2020 and numbers increasing daily, we are dealing with a crushing burden of worry, fear, depression, and anxiety. In the United Kingdom, demand for mental health services has increased by 20 percent, more than 25 percent of Americans have shown signs of serious mental illness, and people everywhere are struggling.

Our hypnosis app can help alleviate your anxiety and tap into new sources of strength. When you use our self-hypnosis app, you can move past your conscious worries and work on a subconscious level. Powerful suggestions can help you reframe your experiences and develop new coping skills. Research shows that hypnosis is effective in:

  • Addressing symptoms
  • Modifying behaviors
  • Restructuring patterns
  • Developing resources and coping mechanisms

Taking a few moments out of your life to engage in hypnosis, relax, and reconnect can help you manage your stress in ways that are healthy and positive. You can learn to alleviate your anxiety before it overwhelms you.

Alleviating Loneliness

If you are in a heavily affected area, are locked down, in quarantine, or are learning or working from home, you may be struggling not just with pandemic fatigue but with loneliness. Social isolation is a known health risk for older adults, but it can be dangerous for younger people, too. When you are lonely or isolated, you may be more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles.

While self-hypnosis cannot take the place of genuine connections with other people, it can give you a tool to alleviate the negative emotions associated with loneliness. It can help you see your time alone from a new perspective and learn to enjoy your independence and treasure your peace. Our hypnosis app can also help you feel more confident about connecting in new and alternative ways, through social media, virtual chats, phone calls, texts, and online support groups.

UpNow has designed our free app for simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of use. With the help of our hypnotherapy app, you can navigate the complexities of the pandemic and learn new ways to keep your mind and body healthy. Visit today to learn more or to download the app.

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