Self-Hypnosis audios vs Hypnotherapy sessions

Self-Hypnosis audios vs IN-PERSON Hypnotherapy sessions

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help you achieve greater health and wellbeing. It can help you get rid of unwanted behaviors that are disrupting your relationships or wreaking havoc on your body. Hypnotherapy is used for a variety of ailments that include pain management, weight loss, performance enhancement, alleviation of depression…. It can be used by children and adults.

Hypnosis has been successfully used by pregnant women to achieve a calmer and gentler birth. For a full list of our products please consult our downloads page.

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Misconceptions on Hypnotherapy

The largest frustration of a hypnotherapist stems from the common and misleading ideas spread by Hollywood movies and sensational shows.

Most people wrongly associate hypnosis with sleep and think they are going to lose control. These misconceptions have impeded the wider use of hypnosis to such an extent that a publication from the American Psychological Association urge its members to educate the wider public.

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

We cannot underscore the benefits of hypnosis enough. It promotes positive development and can help you reprogram patterns of behaviours. For instance, you can get rid of irrational fears or phobias. The sensation can feel milder.

There is increasing research on the topic and some countries (mostly European) are ahead in terms of widespread use of hypnosis. Many major medical and psychological associations endorse the use of hypnosis. We have compiled a detailed review of the eight most common myths and misconceptions.

All these benefits are achieved in a safe and non-invasive way and are long-lasting. Opioids lead to addiction, hypnosis can help you manage the pain.

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Self Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

The distinction might seem artificial if you remember that all hypnosis (including hypnotherapy) is self hypnosis. In a hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist guides you to your objectives through diverse techniques.

The hypnotist helps you access the hypnotic state, a bit like a coach helping you score a goal. At the end of the day you scored the goal with the support of a coach, the same way a client learns to use self hypnosis under the guidance of a hypnotherapist. Practice makes perfect. If you practice enough, you will be able to perform self hypnosis on your own.

When we use the expression “self hypnosis”, we refer mostly to self-directed hypnosis, i.e. the method and the state used to enter the hypnotic state on your own. You have experienced self hypnosis countless times in your life. The most memorable times are the moments of reverie, when you are daydreaming.

Both are very effective. Hypnotherapy has pros and cons while self hypnosis only exhibits advantages (as long as you know how to harness the state). A hypnotherapy session is bespoke. The hypnotherapist takes into account your goals and conducts a session. The most common issues are threefold.

First, you might not have a qualified hypnotherapist close to you. Second, you need to carefully assess the credentials and certifications of the practitioner and you need to build rapport with him or her.

Third, the price might be too expensive.

Self hypnosis does not cost a thing because you are doing it yourself. You can do it anytime and anywhere. The more you train, the easier it becomes.

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Our Hypnotherapy Sessions

Our hypnosis downloads replicate a session with a hypnotherapist and have been crafted by our skilled and experienced hypnotherapist. They are much cheaper than a hypnotherapy session. You can listen to the self-hypnosis audios as much as you want. We recommend that you follow our advice on how to listen to our hypnosis audios . We will also be delighted to get your feedback. If you wish to see us publish new audios, contact us .

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