Fighting Snake Phobia through Self-Hypnosis Downloads

Fighting Snake Phobia through Self-Hypnosis Downloads

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You might have heard that snakes are more scared of you than you are of them. If you have a snake phobia, however, that saying probably offers little comfort. A snake phobia can lead to everything from serious discomfort in the presence of snakes to panic attacks at the thought of one. If you are struggling with a snake phobia, UpNow’s self-hypnosis downloads for fear can help you overcome it.

Our self-hypnosis downloads for fear are designed to help you combat a variety of fears, anxieties, and phobias. The hypnosis experience counteracts anxiety: The deep relaxation it induces can calm your mind and spirit. More importantly, self-hypnosis for phobias and fears gently guides your subconscious to healthier ways of managing stress and phobia.

You can use self-hypnosis for phobias and fears to untangle the idea of snakes, or the trigger objects, from the fear response the snakes induce. In effect, hypnosis can help you “reprogram” your brain. With our self-hypnosis downloads for fear and anxiety, you can feel calm in the presence of your feared object and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Phobias, Fears, and Anxiety

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder. They often occur as a result of specific situations, such as enclosed spaces, or exposure to insects or animals, such as snakes. A phobia can affect many aspects of your life. Symptoms can be profound and often include:

  • Intense feelings of anxiety, fear, and panic
  • An inability to control or overcome the fear
  • Avoidance behaviors
  • Difficulty functioning

You may also experience physical symptoms, such as:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Nausea

You cannot rationalize a fear or phobia away. They are a natural part of the body’s stress response and are deeply ingrained in the subconscious, which is designed to protect you. While some snakes can pose a real threat to humans, the fear of snakes can interfere with your ability to function. Some phobias can make it impossible to look at a picture of a snake or even be in the same room as a contained snake.

UpNow’s self-hypnosis downloads can help you take control.

self-hypnosis for fear

The Subconscious Nature of Fear

Fears hide deep in the subconscious mind. While we can reason, we have retained our primitive brains. Much like animals, we use visual cues to make split-second decisions. This is called associative learning. People with phobias develop negative associations with their feared objects in a variety of ways, and those associations can keep them trapped in negative patterns and cycles.

The fear response is natural and can play a healthy, positive role in your life, but phobias can shrink your world and rob you of possibilities. Self-hypnosis downloads for fear work on a subconscious level to help you relax and short-circuit the fight-or-flight response. Instead of recoiling in terror, you can feel cool, calm, and comfortable in the presence of snakes and other feared objects.

The Freeing Power of Self-Hypnosis for Phobias and Fears

UpNow’s self-hypnosis downloads for fear and anxiety gives us a way to tap into the subconscious and unlink the associations made between our triggers or object of fear and our subsequent responses. With our self-hypnosis downloads, you can learn to see snakes through a more objective lens. You can breathe calmly and feel relaxed when confronted with your fear. You will be able to stay centered and focused, and you will learn to stop the anxiety before it starts.

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