Combating Loneliness through Self-Hypnosis

Combating Loneliness through Self-Hypnosis

self-hypnosis for loneliness

Although the population is soaring, many people feel more isolated than previous generations. Many people work or learn at home. Instead of gathering together in free time, we socialize online via social media. Many others may live in areas affected by COVID-19 and are following public health recommendations to stay home. Social distancing is critical to combat highly contagious diseases, but it can bring mental health challenges. Self-hypnosis downloads for loneliness can help you combat isolation regardless of its source.

An Epidemic of Loneliness

According to a survey performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation in partnership with The Economist, about 20 percent of people in the U.K. and the U.S. and 9 percent of those in Japan often or always feel lonely. Two-thirds of them have few or no close friends or family members, and they are unsatisfied with their connections to loved ones. Self-hypnosis downloads for loneliness put the power to connect with confidence back in your hands.

Risk factors that can increase your chances of being lonely include:

  • Being single or divorced
  • Experiencing negative life events
  • Struggling financially
  • Having a debilitating physical or mental health condition
  • Being unhappy with your financial situation
  • Suffering a serious illness or injury

Feeling lonely, isolated, or left out can have a detrimental effect on our physical and emotional health. Self-hypnosis for loneliness can help you find new ways to cope, connect, and overcome social challenges.

The Consequences of Loneliness

Researchers have found that lonely people have slight differences in their brains. The reward center of their brains is less active compared with people who are not lonely. Researchers do not yet know if social isolation causes the difference or if the difference causes social isolation. However, they do know that loneliness can be just as hazardous to our health as smoking. Self-hypnosis downloads for loneliness can help you combat the difficulties of social isolation and learn to connect in healthy ways with other people.

In older people, loneliness can increase the risk of:

Furthermore, loneliness can lower immune function and affect your ability to self-regulate your emotions and behaviors. If you are struggling with isolation and depression, it might be time to give self-hypnosis to overcome loneliness a try. Self hypnosis for loneliness can help you address underlying issues and find creative new ways to move forward in your life.

self-hypnosis for combating loneliness

Self-Hypnosis for Loneliness

The experts on the frontline fighting COVID-19 found that social distancing was critical to slowing the spread of the disease and flattening the curve. Unfortunately, social distancing will inevitably increase social isolation for many people around the globe.

Hypnosis can give you the tools you need to get through the difficult days ahead and manage the accompanying worry and stress. Whether you are sheltering in place or quarantined, our self-hypnosis mp3 downloads for loneliness can help you create and maintain strong, vibrant connections with the people you love.

Take creative steps to stay in touch. Talk on the phone or use apps to connect regularly. Use social media to keep up with far-flung friends. While technology cannot replace face-to-face human connection, it can help us stay in touch and remind us why we are fighting so hard.

Additionally, you can use our self-hypnosis mp3 downloads for loneliness to manage stress, overcome depression, and cope with symptoms of anxiety. The options are almost endless. When you take advantage of self-hypnosis to overcome loneliness, you can achieve a state of focused awareness as you block out distractions and concentrate on the issues you need to address.

Overcoming Loneliness with UpNow

Social isolation does not need to automatically translate to loneliness. Many people naturally prefer to spend time alone to relax and regroup. For some, however, social isolation can lead to fear, depression, and feelings of aloneness. If you feel lonely, self-hypnosis to overcome loneliness can help you move beyond those feelings and take control.

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