How Hypnosis Can Help You Get through the COVID Crisis

How Hypnosis Can Help You Get through the COVID Crisis

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COVID might not be the worst health crisis humans have faced. Still, it has brought unprecedented challenges in our modern world that are forcing us to find new and creative ways to address our problems. We are facing not just a pandemic but what some experts have termed an “infodemic.” Thousands of articles have been published since the virus was initially identified, and more are published daily.

We are drowning in information, struggling with stress, and juggling health and economic worries. Self-care seems to be a distant luxury while survival is our most immediate concern. COVID is not going to disappear overnight, but we have more control than it might seem at first glance. With the help of your certified hypnotherapist, you can manage your emotional response to the COVID crisis, improve your health, and look toward the future with positivity. Here are three ways that self-hypnotherapy can help you change your life during and beyond COVID.

Relax and De-Stress

The effects of the virus have been far-reaching, leading to unimaginable social, economic, emotional, and personal consequences. The glut of information has overwhelmed us, triggering stress, anxiety, and worry. With online hypnosis, you can develop new tools to manage that worry and stress and overcome your anxiety.

In a review, six separate studies showed that hypnotherapy offered significant stress reduction for participants. In one study, participants who used hypnosis had less burnout, anxiety, and depression compared to the burnout group while in another, the hypnosis group had less stress and better health than the non-hypnosis group. In another study, a group using hypnotherapy experienced a significant reduction in “irrational thinking” and also lower stress levels compared to the control group.

When you use online hypnotherapy, you use enhanced focus to achieve a heightened sense of relaxation from the comfort of your home. You can develop new tools to manage your response to stress. As you relax during self-hypnosis, you can unburden yourself, release the stress, and develop positive new coping mechanisms for moving forward in your life during and after the COVID crisis.

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Boost Immunity

Until there is a cure or a vaccine, the body’s natural immune system might just be the best defense we have against the novel coronavirus. The human body’s immune system has two distinct parts: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. Both of them work together against identified threats.

The innate immune system is nonspecific and will rally to combat harmful pathogens using killer cells and phagocytes. The adaptive immune system works through antibodies and adapts over time to fight specific pathogens that it recognizes from previous contact. In other words, you acquire immunity over time. As long as the system is working properly, it can fight back as designed, but if you are hampered by stress, your immune system can be weakened. Hypnosis can help you combat stress and might just improve your immune response, too. You can achieve the benefits of hypnosis in many ways: you can meet with a certified hypnotherapist or use online hypnosis.

A study from Ohio State University in the United States revealed that self-hypnosis might just have powerful protective effects for your immune system. Researchers focused on medical students facing stressful exams. Those who used self-hypnotherapy had more active T cells and stronger immune responses compared to the control group, which did not use it. Students who practiced hypnosis more frequently had stronger immune responses.

As our COVID-related stress increases, our vulnerability to disease can also increase as our immune response dampens. With self-hypnotherapy, you can combat stress and restore health to your immune system. You can take control. In times when you are uncomfortable meeting in person with a hypnotherapist, you can turn to remote sessions of download self-hypnosis audios. Online hypnotherapy can help you overcome the hurdles in your physical and emotional life and live with an eye towards wellness.

Hope and Healing

While it might seem like a tall order right now, it is possible to thrive during and after the COVID crisis. These last few months have had a profound effect on our lives. The coronavirus spread quickly across six continents, touching hundreds of countries and hundreds of thousands of lives. Self-hypnosis can help you move through the uncertainty with a sense of calmness and focus.

In 2003, a different coronavirus caused a severe viral respiratory infection called SARs. Affected areas were locked down and quarantined. While the outbreak was eventually contained, the survivors suffered long-term effects. Research shows that both SARs survivors and healthcare workers battled high-stress levels, depression, anxiety, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. We do not yet know what the long-term emotional effects of COVID will be, but we can take lessons from the SARs outbreak, preparing to address a world full of grief-stricken, traumatized people.

Grief and trauma are very normal reactions to life-altering events of this scale, but if you are in an area that is continuing to enforce quarantine, lockdowns, or social distancing, you may feel incredibly alone in your pain. Hypnosis offers you the mental health support you need while dealing with the stress, anxiety, and hurt of this “new normal.”

Because it can be accessed remotely, online hypnosis gives you a sense of control in a world that is increasingly feeling out-of-control. With self-hypnotherapy, you can learn to reframe problems as challenges and struggles as opportunities. As you develop a new point of view, you will feel more control over your life. You can tap into your body’s natural healing system as you allow the emotions to flow through you with online hypnosis.

Visit today to learn more about how self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you get through COVID and beyond.

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