Self-Hypnotherapy for Perfectionism

Self-Hypnotherapy for Perfectionism

Self-Hypnotherapy Audios for Perfectionism

People who are perfectionists tend to strive for perfection in every aspect of their lives. They work hard to achieve their dreams and goals. They continually strive for the best. While considered by many to be a positive trait, there is a darker side to perfectionism. If perfectionism is holding you back, our self hypnosis audio for perfectionism can empower you to overcome and free yourself from unrealistic, damaging standards.

The Problem with Perfectionism

Many of the world’s top athletes, performers and experts have perfectionist tendencies. That need to strive and push yourself to excel in your chosen field can help you leap across boundaries and reach new levels of success. Working hard towards a specific goal can stimulate you to be the best you can be. Unfortunately, holding out for nothing but perfection can lead to serious damage to not just your goals but your mental health.

Perfectionism has been linked to serious disorders, including:

The problem with perfectionism is not in the high standards but the need for perfection. Some perfectionists hold not just themselves but also everyone around them to the same unattainable standards. When they fail to meet those standards, they struggle immensely with the pressure, often becoming anxious, stressed and morose.

Using Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads for Perfectionism

You may be a perfectionist if you:

  • Are anxious about trying new things
  • Are uncomfortable in social situations
  • Have difficulty in relationships
  • Keep your self-doubts and worries private
  • Procrastinate

As with many issues that stem from the subconscious, perfectionism often has roots that go deep into our pasts. A perfectionist mindset lingers deep in the subconscious. It is not something you choose. It is something you develop over the years. You may have discovered that you could please others through perfect behavior as a child or that only your flawless efforts were rewarded. Your parents may have been highly critical or demanding, or they may have been perfectionists themselves. Regardless of the reasons for your perfectionism, the damage it leaves behind can be significant. UpNow’s self hypnosis audio downloads for perfectionism are designed to set you free.

If your perfectionism is interfering with your quality of life and getting in the way of your success, it is time to learn about overcoming perfectionism with hypnosis. Self hypnosis for perfectionism can help you take a step back and let go of the things you cannot control.

Self-Hypnosis for Perfectionism

Embracing an Imperfect You

With self hypnosis for perfectionism, you can learn to let go of unreasonable, unachievable goals and learn to embrace imperfection. You can leave “all or nothing” thinking behind you and celebrate the effort and the completion of the job. It might sound too good to be true, but self hypnosis audio for perfectionism goes to work at the root of the problem. You can go straight to the subconscious, where perfectionism lives and thrives, as you work on overcoming perfectionism with hypnosis.

When you experience hypnosis, you will relax deeply. If you are a perfectionist, this might sound pretty appealing already! As you relax, your mind will begin to focus and tune out all distractions. Your subconscious mind opens, and this is when the real work begins. UpNow’s self hypnosis audio downloads for perfectionism essentially retrain your subconscious to let go of those perfectionist tendencies, one by one. You will begin to let go of your perfectionist tendencies, such as:

  • Fearing mistakes
  • Hyper focusing on details
  • Trying to control the outcome
  • Ruminating over past mistakes
  • Quitting beloved pastimes or activities out of a fear of failure

You can learn to live and love your life again, free from the stress and anxiety of unattainable goals. Through the power of self hypnosis for perfectionism, you will have the freedom to take one step at a time. You can shed your tendency to procrastinate and stop catastrophizing.’s Hypnosis Audios

Maintaining high standards can motivate you to do your best. Unfortunately, striving for perfection in every area of your life can be a losing proposition. As humans, we are incapable of perfection every time. Having impossible goals sets us up for failure, depression, and anxiety. It puts a strain on our relationships and can undermine our self-confidence. It takes all the enjoyment out of the process itself.

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