How Self Hypnosis Can Drive Your Success in the Corporate World

How Self Hypnosis Can Drive Your Success in the Corporate World

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How Self Hypnosis Can Drive Your Success in the Corporate World

In popular culture, hypnosis is often seen as a stage trick, but hypnotherapy is actually a powerful psychological tool. Hypnosis has been used to overcome bad habits, conquer fears and build confidence. Studies have found that hypnosis helps athletes improve their game and boosts students’ tests results. Further research has found that hypnosis can lead to actual changes in brain activity as it reduces anxiety and helps people succeed at various tasks. By focusing on traits and behaviors you want to either eliminate or build up, you can also enhance your performance in the corporate world using self hypnosis.

Overcome Fears With Hypnosis

Corporate success requires leadership skills, and leadership skills include the ability to effectively speak in public. What is cited again and again by experts as the number one fear people have? Public speaking terrifies more people than death itself. Even if you are one of the lucky few who excels at public speaking with ease, if you are like most people, you probably struggle with at least one other fear that is holding you back in the workplace. This could be anything from social anxiety to fear of confrontation to fear of failure.

Hypnosis has been widely used to address irrational fears. For example, a German study that examined the role of hypnosis in relieving dental patients’ fears used MRI scans to look at participants’ brain activity. The study found that those who experienced hypnosis showed reduced activity in the part of the brain stimulated by fear and anxiety. You can use self hypnosis Mp3 downloads to manage your own fears in the workplace.

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Improve Memory and Learning With Hypnosis

Corporate success requires you to retain a great deal of knowledge about your workplace and industry. When you are able to memorize and quickly retrieve facts and figures related to your work, this will increase your chance of success in the workplace. Fast-paced fields may require you take in and process large chunks of information at once. Memory is also helpful in networking situations, remembering names, faces and details about the people you meet.

A number of studies have focused on whether students using hypnosis retain more facts. For example, one Hungarian study found that hypnosis reduced the competition between cognitive systems to enhance learning. A 2009 review and meta-analysis examined research that looked at the role of hypnosis in improving test performance by reducing anxiety and found hypnosis was beneficial. With self hypnosis downloads, you can work on reducing anxiety while improving your memory as well for better workplace performance.

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Visualizing Success

Many professional athletes use visualization enhanced by hypnosis to achieve greater success. One study found that visualizations were significantly enhanced for athletes who combined them with hypnosis. You can use visualization for specific tasks in the corporate world as well. Whether you are giving a presentation, doing an interview for a promotion or taking on a new responsibility, self hypnosis downloads can increase the power of the visualization and your chances of success.

Hypnosis has a number of applications in the corporate world, and self hypnosis Mp3 downloads allow you to practice hypnosis as often as you like in any environment. For more information on how you can use self hypnosis to enhance your corporate career, contact us at

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