Quieting Pre-Surgery Fears with Self Hypnosis Audios

Quieting Pre-Surgery Fears with Self Hypnosis Audios

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Every year, millions of people around the world undergo surgical procedures, including anything from minor wisdom teeth extractions to life-saving cardiac surgery. While surgery might be common, it is never commonplace for the person who is going under the knife. It is a scary prospect for most of us, and even the most well-planned procedure can be anxiety-inducing. If you are facing surgery, self hypnosis for surgery might be just what you need to put your mind at ease.

Pre-Surgery Hypnosis

In the Western world, surgery is quite safe for most of us. However, the anesthesia needed for a painless procedure can bring some pretty unpleasant side effects, including:

  • Sore throat and dry mouth
  • Grogginess or sleepiness
  • Cognitive impairments and dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Shivering

Pre-surgery anxiety can worsen these symptoms. Self hypnosis audio before surgery can alleviate both pre-procedure anxiety and the side-effects of general anesthesia, by:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Controlling pain
  • Decreasing recovery time
  • Lowering overall costs

Hypnosis has proven so effective that many surgeons are incorporating it into their practices. Self hypnosis for surgery might be a good option for you, too.

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How Effective Is Self Hypnosis for Surgery?

Over the years, doctors and researchers have studied hypnosis extensively, especially for use in psychiatric and behavioral issues. However, there is a growing body of evidence supporting its use in surgical settings as well. There are currently several published trials and papers underscoring the benefits of hypnosis for surgery patients.

According to research, hypnosis can reduce the perception of pain and promote healing after surgery and offer them a much-needed sense of control. Another study revealed that those who used hypnosis before surgery experienced less pain, trauma, nausea and other post-anesthesia side effects after surgery. If those benefits are insufficiently impressive on their own, another study has shown that hypnosis can reduce operating time an average of 10 minutes per patient, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Hypnosis: What You Need to Know Before Surgery

Hypnosis has been used for centuries and is well-established in Western medicine. The word “hypnosis,” which was based on the Greek word “Hypnos,” was coined in the mid-1800s by Dr. James Braid, a neurosurgeon, who used it to reduce his patients’ pain during and after surgery. Since then, doctors and hypnotherapists have further refined their techniques for use in treating anxiety, depression and other common issues. Today, hypnosis is used for everything from anxiety to surgery.

When using online self hypnosis audios, you can feel very relaxed as your attention and consciousness shift, but you will not fall asleep. Instead, you will block out all external distractions and become absorbed in the process as you start to feel calm and relaxed. The subconscious mind will become more receptive to healing thoughts, and your overall outlook will shift towards calming any anxiety you feel.

With the right approach, you will be ready to go into surgery feeling more relaxed and might come out of surgery with fewer and less severe side effects.

Online self hypnosis audios can help you tap into your “inner Zen,” allowing you to relax and focus your mind on healing and restoration. At UpNow.com, we offer a wide range of hypnosis downloads designed to help you prepare for surgery. Check out our site today to find the right hypnosis Mp3 for your needs!

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