How a Self-Hypnosis App for Anxiety Relief Can Help You Manage the Stress of a COVID Diagnosis

How a Self-Hypnosis App for Anxiety Relief Can Help You Manage the Stress of a COVID Diagnosis

Self-Hypnosis App for Anxiety Relief

Our modern world is more connected than ever before, making it easy to travel to remote places in a matter of hours. While this has brought revolutionary changes in the way we work, learn, and play, it has also made us increasingly vulnerable to disease outbreaks. COVID’s appearance in late 2019 might have seemed inconsequential initially, but it spread like wildfire around the globe and left a staggering trail of destruction in its wake. Millions were sickened, many died, schools and workplaces came to a grinding halt, and economies were devastated.

It affected not just societies but individuals. If you have been diagnosed with COVID, you may be reeling with a vast range of emotions. Our self-hypnosis app for anxiety relief can help you ease your mind and focus on healing.

Managing Confusion and Shame

Because the novel coronavirus is new to us, prevention was and is still our best weapon against it. Most major health organizations recommend face masks or coverings, frequent hand washing, and crowd avoidance. The World Health Organization recommends avoiding the “three Cs”: spaces that are closed or crowded or that have close contact. Unfortunately, the virus can spread even with our best efforts at containment.

Viruses are infectious agents, smaller than bacteria, that cannot live without hosts. They spread from host to host and are often not just contagious but highly contagious. The aerosolized COVID virus can stay suspended in the air for hours, making it difficult to avoid. If you have contracted COVID, the diagnosis may be shocking.

A diagnosis of a major illness such as COVID can leave you reeling. You may feel ashamed or confused about the diagnosis, or you may blame yourself for not doing enough to avoid it. These are not uncommon emotions, but they are also not productive. They can quickly spiral out of control and leave you feeling worse than before.

If you are struggling with negative emotions, self-hypnosis for guilt and shame can help you free yourself. Self-hypnosis helps you build tools to help you manage the toxic burden and put the focus instead on your healing.

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Easing Fear and Anxiety

COVID is a dangerous virus with unpredictable effects for people with various risk factors. You may quite naturally feel afraid of your diagnosis, especially if you or a loved one are at a higher risk of complications.

Using hypnosis for anxiety can help you take a deep, calming breath of relief and start releasing the fear and worry. Anxiety is a natural response to an illness of this magnitude, but it can complicate your recovery. The rush of stress hormones can impede healing and make it difficult for your body to regulate inflammation. In other words, if you are focused on your fears, your body might be fighting an uphill battle against the infection.

Self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool for managing stress and anxiety. With hypnosis for anxiety, you can calm your spirit and channel your energy into recovery.

Releasing Guilt and Trauma

Survivor’s guilt is a term often used to describe the feelings of guilt that people can have when they survive something that others did not. It can lead to lingering doubts, questions, guilt, and shame. Survivor’s guilt is common for many groups, including:

  • First responders
  • Veterans
  • Cancer survivors
  • Survivors of natural disasters

Guilt can become toxic when not addressed, increasing the risk of nightmares, social isolation, emotional detachment, and decreased function. The coronavirus pandemic has left many survivors struggling with not just survivor’s guilt but also posttraumatic stress disorder. Symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Intrusive symptoms
  • Persistent avoidance of stimuli
  • Changes in thinking or mood
  • Increased or decreased reactivity and arousal
  • Impaired functioning

Self-hypnosis for guilt and shame can be effective in treating guilt and PTSD. By using hypnosis for anxiety, you can learn to gain control of intrusive thoughts and calm your hypersensitivity. With our self-hypnosis app for anxiety relief, you can learn to reframe your experiences and develop a renewed sense of control over your life.

Our app for self-hypnosis for guilt and shame is designed to be easy to use, and you can take it anywhere to use to regain your calm and peace of mind. If you are struggling with your COVID diagnosis and unsure where to turn, self-hypnosis can provide you with the relief you need. Visit today to learn more or to download our app.

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