Overcome the Fear of Being Judged Hypnosis Downloads for Life Enhancement

Overcome the Fear of Being Judged Hypnosis Downloads for Life Enhancement

hypnosis downloads for fear of being judge

Far from being a negative response that should be avoided at all costs, fear is a vital component of the human survival mechanism. When faced with a potentially fatal situation, it catapults our bodies into the primal fight-or-flight response that can save our lives. However, the stakes are much lower most of the time, yet our physiological answer can remain the same. That is why uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking situations such as fearing the criticism and judgment of others can lead to legitimate symptoms of panic that include rapid heart rate, profuse sweating, breathlessness and much more. Fortunately, it is possible to learn to manage and get past these fears. While receiving counseling from a therapist or psychiatrist is certainly an option, you can also harness the power of a self hypnosis audio download for fear to assist you in achieving this very attainable goal. 

Hypnosis Demystified

You have probably seen comedy sketches or live performances in which subjects were allegedly hypnotized. After agreeing to suggestions given while they were in a “trance”, they were then compelled to cluck like a chicken or begin singing like an opera star. Modern hypnosis has shaken off this carnival sideshow reputation. Today hypnosis is a bona fide therapeutic technique that, often in conjunction with other interventions, helps people to achieve their goals. 

Hypnosis is not a magical or overpowering trance during which you act outside your comfort zone. In reality, it is a state of heightened focus and awareness that you can enter into with the help of a therapist or via a self hypnosis audios for fear. After becoming calm and totally relaxed, you can use a self hypnosis audio download for fear as a guide that will gently suggest positive, healthy responses to your anxieties about being criticized. Over time and with practice, you will succeed at incorporating these healthy attitudes toward outside judgment into your life, making it possible for you to put aside your former anxieties. 

hypnosis downloads for life enhancement

Research Shows the Efficacy of Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Anxiety

You may be wondering if hypnotism is little more than a pseudo-science backed by quasi-professionals with their own agendas. Researchers had the same questions and have begun to attempt to quantify the effects of hypnotism in the laboratory. While there is still a great deal of work to be done, the efficacy of hypnosis, including that of self hypnosis audios for fear, seems positive. For instance, researchers at the University of Konstanz in Germany randomly placed 84 patients diagnosed with depression into two groups: half received 16 weeks of Cognitive Hypnotherapy while the other half got cognitive behavioral therapy for the same time period. At the end of treatment, both groups had improved from their baseline scores for depression, hopelessness and anxiety. However, the participants who had received hypnotherapy showed significantly higher scores on all measures. 

Similarly many other studies report the positive effects of hypnotherapy for phobias. Since anxiety is one of the most debilitating and unproductive ways our bodies answer fear, and hypnotherapy can both reduce anxiety and eliminate phobias, one can easily argue that “overcome the fear of being judged hypnosis downloads” can help. 

Hypnosis is a technique used by hypnotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists around the world, but you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to experience the benefits it can bring. In consultation with highly respected and experienced hypnotherapists, UpNow has developed a series of self-hypnosis audio downloads designed to fit affordably into even the busiest lifestyle. Using thoroughly tested and effective relaxation and guided imagery techniques, our audios will provide you with a structure and practice that you can use every day to gradually put your stifling fears of criticism and being judged behind you once and for all. Why not download one today? The only thing you have to lose is your fear. 

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