How Self-Hypnosis Can Help With Work Stress

How Self-Hypnosis Can Help With Work Stress

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Work-related stress can be overwhelming, and even though you are only at work for a portion of most days, that stress can affect every other area of your life. It is important to keep stress under control, not just for the psychological benefits but because chronic stress can affect your health. Self hypnosis audio for stress can offer many physical and psychological benefits to individuals. With self hypnosis downloads, you can learn to use hypnosis to manage your work stress wherever and whenever you need to.  

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Advantages of Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief

There are a number of ways to manage stress ,including lifestyle changes and medication. For example, exercise can help with stress relief. However, not everyone has the ability to exercise as vigorously as you should to get these benefits. Other types of lifestyle changes may reduce stress over the long term, but it could take some time to get results. Medication may be costly, have unpleasant side effects or be addictive. 

Self hypnosis for work stress relief offers an affordable, quick and safe solution. You do not have to wait to see a clinician with self hypnosis downloads. You can train yourself to enter a state of focused awareness when you need to and reap the benefits of hypnosis on your own using self hypnosis audio for stress.  

How Self-Hypnosis For Stress Relief Works

Self hypnosis for stress may be used in several different ways. When you are in this state of focused awareness, you are more receptive to certain suggestions. Therefore, you could use self hypnosis audio for stress to suggest letting go of the stress. Sometimes called a post-hypnotic suggestion, this is an affirmation that could be repeated even without hypnosis. It might also involve a visualization that represents the stress leaving the body.  

Another use of hypnosis and visualization with self hypnosis for work stress relief could involve imagining a peaceful scene while experiencing hypnosis. Later, during a stressful situation at work, it would be possible to picture this scene again and get the same feelings of calm that occurred while in the state of focused awareness. 

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Research on Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief

There has been a significant amount of research on the role of hypnosis in relieving anxiety, depression and stress caused by a wide variety of factors. In many studies, hypnosis has been found to enhance the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy or other types of therapy. However, people who are taught self hypnosis for stress without working regularly with a clinician have also had success.  

For example, a meta-analysis published in 2010 examined a number of different studies, including those that taught self-hypnosis to participants. Among the studies were those that focused on teachers, students and hospital patients. Results were similarly positive across different countries and cultures. For example, patients in England were successfully treated with self hypnosis for stress that had caused irritable bowel syndrome. Patients in a hospital in Tibet who were treated with hypnosis along with acupuncture had lower stress than those who only received acupuncture. Many of these studies also compared hypnosis to relaxation techniques or distraction and found hypnosis produced superior results.  

Self hypnosis for work stress relief can provide significant benefits. For more information on using self hypnosis downloads, contact 

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