How Self Hypnosis Mp3s For Productivity Can Jump-Start Your Life

How Self Hypnosis Mp3s For Productivity Can Jump-Start Your Life

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Have you come to the conclusion that factors that seem beyond your control are keeping you from being your best self? Is physical or psychic pain or anxiety blocking your growth? The great news is that these challenges are not as insurmountable as they may seem. Something as simple as a self hypnosis audio for productivity download can provide the tools that, with time and practice, can give you mastery over these obstacles. 

What is Hypnosis?

Although words like “trance” and “deep sleep” are often used to describe hypnosis, these terms are not accurate. Far from being either a parlor trick or a magical interval in which a person loses all control, therapeutic hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed state of being that enables a person to intentionally become more aware and focused. Either with the help of a clinician or via self hypnosis downloads for productivity, you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve any number of important goals. With the help of hypnosis, people all over the world are gaining self-esteem, fighting pain and anxiety and managing their time more effectively. 

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Scientific Studies That Validate the Effectiveness of Hypnosis

Throughout history, many types of medications and therapies have been described as miracle cures albeit with little or no studies to substantiate these claims. In order to provide scientific verification, researchers have begun to take hypnosis into the laboratory with groups of subjects and on a case-by-case basis. An example of the latter is the work that one hypnotherapist has been doing with a young multiple sclerosis patient. After just two hypnotherapy sessions, some of the patient’s MS symptoms seemed better, and an MRI performed after 12 weeks showed that disease-related brain lesions had gone from severe to stable. 

In another study, 30 breast cancer survivors who were experiencing debilitating hot flashes were placed into a group that received no treatment while 30 more got five weekly hypnosis sessions. Compared to the control group, the hypnotized patients reported a 68 percent reduction in the frequency and severity of their hot flashes as well as lowered anxiety and depression. 

In another pilot study, 11 participants listened to a self-hypnosis CD designed to help them change their physical and emotional reactions to stress. Subjects completed questionnaires focusing on their resilience, coping strategies and stress levels, and tests measuring inflammatory markers in their blood were conducted. After 12 weeks, objective inflammatory markers were lower in the hypnotized group, and self-reported abilities of resilience and coping had improved. 

With each passing year, scientists are continuing to delve deeper into the fascinating relationship between the body and the mind. All indications show that the two are very closely linked and have a marked effect on each other. 

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Harness the Power of self hypnosis audio for productivity download

Self-hypnosis does not involve an advanced degree; anyone can attain a state of focused relaxation either with the help of a therapist or through self hypnosis Mp3s for productivity. UpNow’s self hypnosis downloads for productivity are carefully crafted by certified hypnotherapists skilled in helping people just like you to access these universally effective techniques. When you incorporate our self hypnosis Mp3s for productivity into your daily life, you will quickly notice the difference. These self hypnosis audio for productivity download tools will enable you to manage the pain, fear and anxiety that are getting in the way of the productive, satisfying life you want and deserve. Invest in yourself and your future by trying one of UpNow’s self hypnosis downloads for productivity today. 

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