Enhance Your Outlook and Well-being with a Self Hypnosis Audio Download for Positive Thinking

Enhance Your Outlook and Well-being with a Self Hypnosis Audio Download for Positive Thinking

Self Hypnosis mp3 Download for Positive Thinking

The link between the mind and the body is well-established. When one is out of balance, symptoms often appear in the other. A 2017 King’s College London study revealed a link between mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and clinical depression with cardiovascular disease. Analyzing data from 3.2 million mental health sufferers, the scientists learned that this population was 53 percent more likely to have heart disease and 85 percent more likely than people their age in the general population to die from it. Given this strong connection, it is crucial to find ways to relieve the depression and self-esteem loss that are caused by any number of physical and mental illnesses. 

Self Hypnosis Audio Download for Positive Thinking

The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful intervention that is being successfully used by therapists and other clinicians all over the world to assist patients in achieving goals, reducing pain and breaking destructive habits. When a person is hypnotized under the guidance of a therapist or via self hypnosis audio for positive thinking, a fascinating and scientifically documented phenomenon occurs. The individual enters a state of heightened focus and awareness and is able to block out extraneous information and distracting sensory cues. While hypnotized, the individual is then able to incorporate positive suggestions and images into their subconscious mind and later use them to meet their objectives. 

Self Hypnosis Audio for Positive Thinking

Research That Substantiates the Benefits of Hypnosis

When a person is enduring severe or chronic pain, they can often find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook. Scientists wondered if hypnosis, a gentle and non-pharmacological intervention, could help to reduce patients’ debilitating pain. Two hundred patients undergoing excisional breast biopsy or lumpectomy for breast cancer were randomly assigned to one of two groups: the control group received routine anesthesia and empathic listening while the other patients received a 15-minute self-hypnosis session before the procedure that included suggestions for pleasant visual images, to feel relaxed and peaceful and for reduction of uncomfortable symptoms . The patients who had been hypnotized needed only a reduced amount of anesthesia and reported less pain, fatigue, discomfort and emotional upset than the patients in the control group. 

Use a Self Hypnosis Download to Develop Positive Thinking

Just how can a self hypnosis audio download for positive thinking help you to change the trajectory of your life? Given the close interconnection between the mind and the body, this powerful therapeutic technique will allow you to use impactful, deep relaxation, guided imagery and positive suggestions to harness that link to your benefit. In collaboration with a world-respected hypnotherapist, UpNow has developed a self hypnosis audio for positive thinking system that does just that. Our self hypnosis download to develop positive thinking is affordable, easy to use and can be readily downloaded. Immediately, you will have the power of our self hypnosis audio download for positive thinking at your fingertips. Only taking less than 30 minutes per day, UpNow’s self hypnosis audio for positive thinking is effective and transformative, helping you to lessen the hold that chronic pain and anxiety have over your life. The time has come to make revolutionary changes in your outlook. Try a self hypnosis download to develop positive thinking today. 

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