Self Hypnosis to Quit Vaping

Self Hypnosis to Quit Vaping

Best Self Hypnosis to Quit Vaping

When e-cigarettes first appeared on the market, many people turned to them as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Smoking is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, and a third of heart disease deaths are linked to cigarette smoke. However, research shows that vaping is also bad for your health. While there is no research on hypnosis for people wanting to quit vaping, if you are trying to quit vaping, self hypnosis for vaping might just be the help you need. 

The Potential Risks of Vaping

According to the United States Surgeon General, both regular tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that triggers the release of adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and blood pressure. When you are addicted to nicotine, you can suffer withdrawal symptoms until you can smoke or vape again. There is evidence that e-cigarettes are just as addictive as regular cigarettes, and both can be as addictive as cocaine, according to researchers. Worse, the potency of e-cartridges can be adjusted, which means you can get more and stronger hits of nicotine to satisfy your cravings. 

The risks of e-cigarettes go beyond nicotine. The e-liquid also contains flavorings and additives that can pose a risk to your health, including:  

  • Volatile organic compounds 
  • Diacetyl, which has been linked to lung disease 
  • Ultrafine particles 
  • Heavy metals, including nickel, tin and lead 

Unfortunately, vaping is more popular than ever before. While only 7 million people were vaping in 2011, more than 40 million were vaping in 2018. That number is expected to grow to 55 million by 2021. The market is worth an astonishing $19.3 billion globally, with the U.S., the U.K., and France vaping the most.  

When you use self hypnosis audio to quit vaping, you can turn those numbers around and take control of your future. 

Self Hypnosis for Vaping

The Secret of Self Hypnosis for Vaping

Researchers have found that hypnotherapy can be an excellent treatment for many things from anxiety and phobias to weight loss and smoking cessation. There is no research on self hypnosis for vaping. But given the positive results of hypnosis to quit smoking, its already widespread application and the similar use of nicotine in both cigarettes and e-cigs (or vape pens), many people are turning to self hypnosis audio to quit vaping. With a self hypnosis download to quit vaping, you can address your cravings, tackle any underlying issues for which you are turning to nicotine and find healthier ways to cope. You can even learn to adapt your behavior more positively without some of the common pitfalls that occur when people quit smoking, such as weight gain and irritability.  

Self Hypnosis downloads

If you have ever seen hypnosis in a movie or TV show, you probably have some questions or concerns. The common portrayals of people doing things they might not ordinarily do or acting in ways that go completely against their character can be off-putting. However, hypnosis does not work that way. In fact, therapeutic hypnosis cannot make you work against your will or do things that go against your beliefs. When you use a self hypnosis download to quit vaping, you will be aware and focused. Your conscious and unconscious minds are in harmony, and you will be in the driver’s seat of your emotions and your actions. Your brain will be focused on learning while your body will be deeply relaxed.  

Self Hypnosis Audio to Quit Vaping

Using Self Hypnosis Audio to Quit Vaping

If you vape, you might wonder how hypnosis can fit into your plan to quit. For many vapers, nicotine is an addiction, but the addiction is more than merely physical. There is also a mental component that includes psychological satisfaction and rituals or habits. You might enjoy vaping at a certain time of day or to unwind in the evening. Hypnosis can help you unravel those motivations, reframe the vaping experience and transform the emotional response in a way that gives you complete freedom from the habit and the addiction.  

At UpNow, we can help you find the right self hypnosis download to quit vaping. Check out our selection of self hypnosis for vaping downloads today to learn more and to get started on your healing journey. 

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