End Emotional Eating with Self Hypnotherapy

End Emotional Eating with Self Hypnotherapy

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Eating Disorder

Reaching for a bowl of ice cream after a difficult breakup might be a cliche, but emotional eating is a reality for many people around the world. Comfort foods make us feel cozy, safe and comfortable in the moment. Unfortunately, using food to manage difficult emotions can bring us bigger problems over the long term. UpNow’s hypnotherapy for emotional eating can set you free from the negative cycle between emotional hunger and negative feelings.

The Roots of Emotional Eating

Babies and young children tend to regulate their calorie intake naturally. When they are hungry, they eat. When they are no longer hungry, they stop eating. If you are an emotional eater, your eating habits probably look much different. You likely eat when you are hungry, stressed, angry, sad, anxious or depressed. You might eat regardless of hunger levels, or you might feel especially hungry when you are dealing with negative emotions.

Researchers offer several theories as to why emotional eating develops, including:

  • Parenting practices
  • Poor self-awareness
  • Difficulty identifying and expressing feelings
  • Poor emotional regulation
  • Maladaptive coping strategies

Emotional eating is correlated with posttraumatic stress disorder as well as exposure to trauma in both childhood and adulthood.

People who eat emotionally might have an abnormal stress response, according to some researchers. Stress typically causes a loss of appetite. This prepares our bodies to fight or flee. In people who eat emotionally, stress spurs the appetite, triggering cravings, hunger and weight gain. This can lead to a form of “self-medication” using food.

UpNow’s hypnosis audio for eating disorders is a powerful tool for taking control of your natural stress response, improving your coping skills and conquering your cravings.

Using Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Many emotional eaters spend years tackling the wrong problem through diets. Diets are ineffective because the problem is not about self-control or even excess weight. The problem is that you have unmet needs that you are trying to fill with food.

UpNow’s hypnotherapy audio for emotional eating can help you satisfy that intense emotional hunger and get your life back on track. With our hypnotherapy for emotional eating, you can finally free yourself from diets, comfort foods, emotional eating and disordered eating.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders can help you calm your mind and ease that natural stress response. When you feel that emotional hunger, you will learn to satisfy it in a healthy manner. Emotional eating begins in the subconscious, and hypnotherapy audio for emotional eating works at the subconscious level. That is what makes it so effective.

Self Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorder

What to Expect from Hypnosis Audio for Eating Disorders

When you use hypnotherapy for emotional eating, you will learn to relax deeply. Your subconscious will become open to suggestions that can help you clear your mind, calm your emotions and manage your stress. You can learn to tune into your body’s physical needs, such as hunger, and meet them naturally. Our hypnotherapy for eating disorders will also help you address your emotional needs so that you can learn to nurture yourself the way you need to be nurtured and comforted.

Emotional eating can feel good at the moment much like any self-medication can. Over time, though, it can be a burden. The long-term effects can include excess weight and obesity and the dangerous health problems associated with those conditions. You may feel anxious and depressed because you did not deal with your emotions but simply ate.

Learning to separate your emotions from eating can help you eat better and feel better. It is time to take control using hypnosis audio for eating disorders. Visit UpNow.com to learn more about our hypnotherapy audio for emotional eating or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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