Put a Stop to Stage Fright With Self Hypnosis

Put a Stop to Stage Fright With Self Hypnosis

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Stage fright can be a devastating condition that can truncate careers or even put a stop to them before they begin. Even the most experienced performers can develop it, and there may appear to be few solutions. 

Medication could produce unwanted side effects. Talk therapy might eventually work, but it could be a process that takes a long time. For some people, hypnosis may provide the cure. A number of studies have shown that hypnosis is effective in treating various forms of anxiety. With a hypnosis download for stage fright, you can work on your performance anxiety whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.  

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Managing Anxiety With Hypnosis

From quelling anxiety around medical procedures and test taking to athletic performance, the role of hypnosis in managing anxiety has been extensively studied. A literature review from 2010 examined the effectiveness of hypnosis and found it helped in a wide variety of anxiety-provoking situations. It also resolved many physical problems that resulted from anxiety, including migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. Hypnosis to cure stage fright can produce similar good results.  

Many of these studies involve teaching self-hypnosis to participants. Participants are often taught calming visualizations to practice while in the state of focused awareness that hypnosis provides. Later, in a stressful situation, they can recall that sense of calm with the visualization. In the same way, you can use hypnosis for stage fright by drawing on your calming visualization while you are performing.  

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis, Breathing and Stage Fright

Anxiety, and panic attacks in particular, often provoke a feedback loop for people in which they are unable to breathe efficiently, creating additional physical symptoms which ratchet up their anxiety even further. While visualizations can often be helpful in hypnosis to cure stage fright, sometimes it is even more effective and efficient to go straight to the physical source of the problem. If you can get your breathing back under control using hypnosis for stage fright, this is sometimes all that is necessary to manage the anxiety 

When you are in a state of focused awareness, you are more open to suggestions as long as they are behaviors you would feel comfortable with in a non-hypnotic state. With a hypnosis download for stage fright, you can teach yourself to take deep breaths from your diaphragm when you start to panic.  

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Hypnosis and Self-Regulation

The role of hypnosis in regulating physical symptoms caused by emotional distress has also been studied. While some studies have looked at adolescents, who are particularly receptive to hypnosis, others have examined how hypnosis can help adults in such stressful situations as undergoing cancer treatment. Hypnosis for stage fright can play a similar role in helping you manage your fears. Among the adolescents who were helped by hypnosis, one suffered from a phobia about needles and another from general anxiety. All showed significant long-term improvement. 

Hypnosis can even put a stop to physical symptoms. For example, one Italian study examined 16 patients who suffered from nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy. After undergoing hypnosis, these symptoms disappeared for almost all of them. If you are suffering physical symptoms as a result of your stage fright, hypnosis may help.  

 Hypnosis to cure stage fright can teach how to manage your anxiety, control your breathing and regulate your physical and emotional state. For more information on a hypnosis download for stage fright, contact us at UpNow 

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