Healing From Grief Through Self Hypnosis

Healing From Grief Through Self Hypnosis

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Bereavement is something that is experienced by everyone. While grief can be devastating, it is also a normal human emotion that must be worked through.

However, for some people, grief does not resolve and may simply become more overwhelming with time. In other cases, you might simply struggle to process the grief you have experienced. A self hypnosis audio for bereavement may be the solution. Hypnosis can be a safe, effective and healthy way to manage grief.

Hypnosis for Insomnia

When you are overwhelmed because of a bereavement, you may find yourself unable to sleep. This can cascade into a number of other health and emotional problems. A lack of sleep can leave you too tired for physical actions, such as exercise, that help with stress management. It can also affect your emotional and cognitive abilities. Hypnosis can be helpful in helping you relax and sleep so that you can begin to practice other types of self-care and manage your grief.  

A 2013 literature review by Romanian researchers looked at studies on using hypnosis for insomnia and found favorable results. Among other properties, hypnosis can induce a sense of relaxation. Using self hypnosis for bereavement and managing insomnia might involve visualizing a relaxing environment while in a state of focused awareness. You should then be able to enter this same state of calm with the visualization you have focused on during your self-hypnosis sessions even when you are not listening to your self hypnosis audio for bereavement.

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Self Hypnosis to Reduce Trauma

Some forms of bereavement also involve severe trauma. Even when a loved one’s death was not unexpected, there can be trauma around it. A self hypnosis download for bereavement can help you cope with this trauma.

Hypnosis has been widely used to treat people with PTSD, including veterans and survivors of terrorist attacks. Within that framework, it can function in a number of different ways. If you are struggling with grief, you may find yourself replaying upsetting memories in your mind. With self hypnosis for bereavement, you can work to replace those memories with more positive associations of the person. This can provide the mental and emotional space you need to start working through your grief and help reinforce your positive memories of the person you have lost.

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Reduce the Overwhelming Nature of Bereavement

When someone you love dies, you need time and space to adjust to the loss. However, if over time you find you cannot reconnect to family and the other people in your life and your work, self hypnosis for bereavement may help. Positive visualizations and affirmations have been shown to be effective ways of tapping the unconscious in grief therapy. Hypnosis can help reinforce these techniques.

You can use a self hypnosis audio for bereavement to put yourself in a state of focused awareness. Because you are more receptive when experiencing hypnosis, these suggestions become even more powerful. The self hypnosis download for bereavement can allow you to practice this as often as you need to.

Grief is a difficult process, and coping with a bereavement cannot be rushed. However, there are circumstances in which you may find yourself stuck in behaviors that are impairing your ability to heal, such as chronic insomnia or reliving the worst moments of your loss. A self hypnosis download for bereavement can help you manage these overwhelming emotions. For more information, contact us at UpNow.

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