Improve Your Sleep Habits With the UpNow Sleep Hypnosis App

Improve Your Sleep Habits With the UpNow Sleep Hypnosis App

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If you struggle with sleepless nights, you’re not alone. Research suggests that between 50 and 70 million Americans struggle with sleep disorders. This problem affects both men and women equally and all ages.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 70% of adults report getting an insufficient amount of sleep at least one night every month. Even worse, 11% never get enough sleep. Despite this being such a widespread issue, the solution might be as simple as downloading a sleep hypnosis app.

Using Hypnosis for Sleep

To understand how hypnosis can help you get better sleep, you have to understand it. In short, hypnosis is the process of guiding yourself or someone into a highly focused state of mind. While various scientists define this state slightly differently, most of them agree that it’s a state of deep relaxation, suggestibility and concentration. People with high suggestibility to hypnosis can enter this state easier than people with low suceptibility.

You’ve likely experienced some level of being in a highly concentrated state without knowing it. For example, have you ever zoned out during your daily commute or lost track of time while reading a book? If so, you’ve been in a highly focused state. What you might not know is that hypnosis can put you in this state, and you can use it to achieve better sleep.

Can Hypnosis Really Help People Who Struggle With Sleep Disorders?

In a randomized, controlled trial, researchers ran hypnosis tests on adults who had sleep problems. The results showed that 58.3% of the 139 participants experienced a positive outcome when using hypnosis for sleep. In the end, the researchers found that using hypnosis for sleep anxiety or other sleep disorders is a promising treatment.

Hypnosis might be the best option when it comes to looking for a natural solution to the most common sleep problems. Using hypnosis for sleep anxiety, insomnia and even nightmare disorder might help individuals control these problems without seeking professional help.

These promising results are only amplified by the fact that hypnosis for sleep doesn’t require any medications. It’s a completely natural solution, and people can induce a highly focused state themselves. Tools like the sleep well hypnosis app from UpNow can improve your chances of achieving this state and getting a restful night of sleep. Being well rested helps to reduce stress and keep you healthier overall.

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Improve Deep Sleep With Hypnosis

Even if you don’t need hypnosis for sleep anxiety or other sleep disorders, you can still benefit from using hypnosis. A study by the University of Fribourg in Switzerland found that it increases the amount of time that women spend in deep sleep by nearly 80%.

While this experiment was only run on women, the Swiss researchers said that they believe the results would be very promising for men as well. Also, they pointed out that the study was conducted on people who didn’t have sleep disorders. This proves that hypnosis can be helpful for individuals who don’t struggle with specific sleep problems too.

Get the Sleep Hypnosis App From UpNow Today

Are you looking for a sleep well hypnosis app that can improve your sleep? If so, look no further than the hypnosis app by UpNow. You can download this app for your Android or iOS device right now. Get the sleep well hypnosis app today, and enjoy a peaceful night of rest.

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